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  • susiesweatstocks susiesweatstocks Mar 18, 2014 10:48 AM Flag

    for godsake make real comments. China's growth is rediculously astronomical growing at 7% plus annually.

    The Fed has a lot to explain for it's behavior over here killing our economy and thereby Federal tax receipts every time the economy was coming around. The Fed raised interest rates. We need to take back the Fed and run all new money through Congress's discretion and the will of the people. Then our economy will grow.

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    • Do you know how much money the CHINESE HAVE STOLEN FROM ME?

      Its like they take turns...

      Wall St. crooks..
      than the US Governement....GM..AIG...Governors..MFS Global
      than institutions like Barclays...rate rigging..
      than hedge fudns..Galleon Group....and EVERY eFFFn brokerage house....

      Is this nation at the FINAL FATIGUE point yet?

      Your children are being violated, why do you allow it?

      That revolutionary blood doesn't boil? They would be ashamed of us?

      If we wiped out the American Indian, you know, home of the BRAVE..why can't we stop 200 guys in a building?

      Where is the FBI? Are the part of the raping of the US Citizen? Is the oath to protect us or them and to help them maintain power?

      Don't be good soldiers be great CITIZENS !

      Please share such topics of conversation with others at the dinner table.

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