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  • jforuus jforuus Apr 2, 2014 11:35 AM Flag


    Make sure we track where this team ends up if they disband. Odds are not, the SCAM allows them to file for bankruptcy but the only problem is...

    The BOD and Management stay in-tact.
    The employees keep getting paid.

    Our Congress and DOJ voted for this road map?!?! whoa!!!?!?! They both are RUSTLERS aren't they?

    If this was OLE DODGE CITY when common sense ruled the LAW we would have hung them all from at the city limits with sign hanging "THIS IS WHAT WE DO TO RUSTLERS AROUND THESE PARTS."

    How long are we going to take this? Guy in 1775 would be just about reaching his breakin point. We don't have muskets to load but we do have levers at the voting booth to put in SURGEONS that will GUT THIS SCAM OF A GOVERNMENT AND FINANCIAL INDUSTRY THAT HAS BEEN MARRIED SINCE THAT POS REAGAN ALLOWED THE WOLVES TO WATCH THE HEN HOUSE.

    Grandparents start teaching your grandkids not to vote for the EVIL REPUBLICANS AND EVIL DEMOCRATES AT A YOUNG AGE.

    Mr. President please nail this to doors of the Crooks, I mean Congress.

    Jill Brown Dean President, Chief Executive Officer, Director
    Age: 56
    Bio & Compensation - Reuters

    James A. Bell Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Executive Vice President
    Age: 45
    Bio & Compensation - Reuters

    Deborah Cavanagh Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer
    Bio & Compensation - Reuters

    John Edward Hayes III Senior Vice President - Human Resources, General Counsel
    Age: 50
    Bio & Compensation - Reuters

    Mark A. Haley Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer
    Age: 45
    Bio & Compensation - Reuters

    Neale Attenborough Director
    Age: 53
    Bio & Compensation - Reuters

    Dennis C. Pence Director
    Age: 63
    Bio & Compensation - Reuters
    Trading Activity - Yahoo Finance

    James R. Alexander Independent Director
    Age: 70
    Bio & Compensation - Reuters

    Curt Hecker Independent Director
    Age: 52
    Bio & Compens

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