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  • jforuus jforuus Apr 3, 2014 5:02 PM Flag

    Tom and David Gardner

    You two DB haven't made enough money that you need to do a video dog and pony show.

    I lost 30% on that POS pick of AMRC, video flood!!

    TCS losing !4%
    Urban Outfitters losing 11%
    Nuance Communications down 23%
    Clean energy fuels down 57%
    Female Health down 14%

    I don't even want my money back, just the effffn time I was sucked into losing listening to you two DB solicit more money for your self made billionaire subsrcription model of herd investing.

    Thanks in advance DBs.

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    • These TWO DB tell you there is no game rigging going on Wall Street....but alas brokerage houses are finally realizing people are fleeing and don't like the fact the brokerage houses are part of it.

      ""Schwab serves millions of investors and has been observing the development of high-frequency trading practices over the last few years with great concern," the statement reads. "As we noted in an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal last summer, high-frequency trading has run amok and is corrupting our capital market system by creating an unleveled playing field for individual investors and driving the wrong incentives for our commodity and equities exchanges. The primary principle behind our markets has always been that no one should carry an unfair advantage. That simple but fundamental principle is being broken." "

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