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  • jack49_harper jack49_harper Apr 7, 2014 3:58 PM Flag

    Tech is oversold, really, mrkt is falling for no real reasons,

    other than Bubble

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    • Reasons, price rigging is a reason.

      Wake up, why haven't we burned Barclays to the ground in court?

      Why is Jon Corzine not in prison along with the Congressional Corrupt Comittee that gave him all the atta boys?

      Why isn't the entire GM and Congressional comittee that bankrupt so many in chains?

      Slavery is over? No it isn't, we are still crippled by spending most of our income on non disposable items.

      Corp America wouldn't own our political system as it does now via out donate any individual citizen.

      This nation needs honest leadership.

      This nation needs to sack the QUATERBACK (figure of speech) AND find a replacement for every team that has forced us to deal with garbage.

      Our corrupt and manipulated journalist need to be ejected from writing aritcles of lies as it continues to read as well from tele promters. CNBC, a joke of integertiy, Seeking Crappola,WSJ,Forbes all need to be resigned as journalists they are worse then the SUN and ENQUIRER.

      If there is a god he has abandoned us to fight the fight ourselves and colluding to ban together to REJECT this WORLD ORDER IS WHAT needs to be exectued by ever citizen of this nation, if not the world.

      They have taken so much and they print lies to tell you it is OK, it isn't OK.

      Please share such topics of conversation with others at the dinner table.

      Mr. President please nail this to the doors of Congressm, those POS.

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