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  • coldwintergas coldwintergas Apr 11, 2014 9:54 AM Flag

    After 6 long painful years, finally finally US economic engine has started to rev up again,first signs of inflation

    seen today.. congratulations to Ben for bringing US back to business.
    Cheers to many many years of strength and prosperity to all in US

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • A. Either you are a simpleton?
      B. You think we are simpletons?
      C. You just don't know better?

      Truth is we have lost the power of the $$ thanks to the POS Corp-America, POS US CONGRESS, POS LOBBYISTS.

      Gold is up, 4x. The USD will evetually come to equilibrium it is a LAW CALLED THE LAW OF EQUILIBRIUM AND BALANCED EQUATIONS. The math ONLY CAN LIE FOR SO LONG until you can't keep playing the MADOFF game.

      Just start buying guns and ammo, put a list together who to bring to justice.

      When the US FORCES fall into the hands of the new REGIME which will truly be in place for the US CITIZENS best interest. We will need to be ready to exact REVENGE upon the REST OF THE WORLD after we have held tribunals to bring our current and living politicans to JUSTICE for destroying our way of LIFE? Unfortunately you will have to more than crack eggs to make this new omelete and legacies will be stripped of wealth.

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      • The 35M who are unemployed are ticking up and they will finally get tired of collecting pennies on the $$ and realize their life is slipping away and it has been bilked by others?

        Mass riots are inevitable and hopefully they will be geared to the post neighborhoods of the political structure that has led us to this precipice? Hopefull the FBI will bring JUSTICE to the US CITIZEN before they rise to re-draw the political landscape by bringing all the corrupt members of Congress and oval handshakes that are clearly geared to betray the US CITIZEN vs. being illegal which the DOJ allows these groups to hide behind. THE HAMMER MUST CRUSH THE CORRUPT THAT BETRAY THEIR OFFICE.

        For the record if you want to know the law to google it is called the "LAW OF CONVERGENCE AND DIVERGENCE", coldwintergas.

        Don't be good soldiers, be GREAT CITIZENS.

        Tic Toc.

        Mr. President please nail this to the doors of congress, the SEC and perhaps it is time for you to start nailing this letter to the most corrupt Senators and Congress persons office itself? If the message isn't loud enough yet, eventually their halls will be litered with millions seeking justice?
        History repeats itself, the FRENCH TIRED OF THEIR CORRUPT MONARCHS, so shall we?

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