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  • jforuus jforuus Apr 11, 2014 10:42 AM Flag

    To OUR CORRUPT CONGRESS and LOBBYISTS; the President to start Conressional sessions with....

    "EVIL WAYS" to begin all of your sessions with CONGRESS?

    JEB Hensarling is the Republican chair of the House Financial Services Committee we want scalps and many of them from all of your lobbyist POS BUDDIES as well. Kick one guy in the sack as well for betryaing the US CITIZEN, tell him "take it like a man/woman!!"

    The 35M unemployed will eventually will be meeting in their office when their number turn to 52M, 60M, 70M?

    Every one time great institution believes their dynasty will move forward thru time regardless if they have become so corrupt as our US CONGRESS has, but that isn't the case.

    The FBI should be either looking to sweep and bag such men or they will be considered an instituiton that has allowed corruption to flourish under their watch and those nice portraits of the heads of the FBI will be eventually be torn down by some 17yr to 22yr old with many zits on their faces while they relieve themselves in a circle on these portraits?

    You can't keep destroying lives and think their will be no repurcussions?

    They can censor the media which they own and are in control of directly or through 3 degrees of separation
    (which the US CITIZEN WILL NOT ALLOW THEM/families TO HIDE BEHIND, either way; the US CITIZEN is exhausted and at whits end and having such conversations at the dinner table regardless.

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    • Charles Black is one guy to definetly not vote for, no Republcan or Democrat is a member to be voting for.

      Their days should be numbered in our political system.

      Please share such topics of covnersation with others ast the dinner table.

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      • If we can read head lines, you don't think the members of Congress are trading news and events to their family members and others....via 2 or 3 degrees of separation? seriously?

        "A family member was cleaning out the garage and came across a box that looked suspicious. Upon opening the box they found the infant inside," Capt. Michael Roberts of the Pleasant Grove Police Department told ABC News."

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