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  • jforuus jforuus Apr 13, 2014 8:08 PM Flag

    Putin you think you are crazy...lil half pint..

    "File this story under the rubric: "Be careful what you wish for." When the U.S. guided missile destroyer USS Donald Cook (DDG-75) departed Norfolk Naval Base to take up station at the Spanish naval base in Rota two months ago, it set off alarm bells in Moscow"

    The leadership of this nation is desperate....control is being lost, corrupt congress is being exposed.

    Perhaps President B.O. is using tactics from the POS Clintonesque playbook of bomb a baby powder factor to avoid a second sex scandal to embarrass the oval office? They media was so helpful, the marriage of corruption.

    When was the last time we had a decent White House Correspondent that reported back the truth to the US Citizen. Compromised.

    When you see members of the media, "DANGER CLOSE" SHOULD be the alert that you hear ringing within, they are garbage and exposed as well.

    If these POS actually increased the SEC workforce by X100 now that would send the US Citizen, Congress wants to clear their name as well?

    That 1931 Huckleberry film with Rooney comes to mind...what will happen eventually is what the man says to the judge in the courtroom....the 35M may not say it who are unemployed but when that number turns to 70M? perhaps will come knocking on the door?

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    • Remember they aren't looking for our best interest, Congress that is.

      If they were such corruption wouldn't ooze from them.

    • "Showing the flag Ever since Russian armed forces invaded and annexed the Ukrainian province of Crimea last month, the U.S. government has struggled to find an appropriate response. Trade sanctions and visa freezes on Russian government officials could punish Russia for what it's done in Crimea. But what could the U.S. do to deter further aggression?"

      Sometimes you just have to go ALL IN, drop nukes on all of their 3rd degree satellite countries to start with? NUKE the #$%$ out of them, Congress has already destroyed so many of our futures and continues to arm the Wall St. Crooks with a sharp knife to gut our futures, while the media stands by idol instead of exposing the truth.

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