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  • jforuus jforuus May 19, 2014 8:20 PM Flag

    Aristotle - Revoluitions - Failures of Congress -US Current Ruling Clas s- Humiliation and Destruction of the middle class

    "There are six types of regime according to Aristotle. Polity/democracy exists when the majority, or the poor, have authority to rule. Aristocracy/oligarchy exists when the rich or high-born have authority to rule, even if the majority also have some authority. Kingship/tyranny exist when one person monopolizes rule. Each category is divided into an orderly and deviant sub-type, the former characterized by rule for the good of the city-state, the latter by rule by the ruling group or ruler for their own benefit."

    Where are we now?

    How much money has been stolen from us?

    How long do our grand parents and parents now have to work?

    Why are we constantly being lied to and our financial system under TERRORIST LIKE ATTACKS BY OUR OWN FEDERAL RESERVE AND GOVERNMENT?

    How many more generations have to take this abuse before we FORCE A CHANGE?

    How many more BETRAYALS do we have to endure before we reach the breaking point?

    How many times have your children's future be violated by the present ruling class?

    Are you teaching your children to stop voting for this garbage which cloaks itself with the a patriotic flag meanwhile it is so far from the truth of being such.

    We have been betrayed and it continues.

    Please share such topics of conversation with others at the dinner table.

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    • The question is not when they will surpass US military strength. its how they perceive the US ability to respond today.

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      • Forget he military responding...

        The college students, the young whose future that has been devastated by the hands of 90 of the 113th Congress thus far?

        The media is useless in exposing the corruption at that level such exposure would lead to leaders to be treated Mussolini-like perhaps? How many average citizens would cheer such occurrences?

        When someone steals money from you on the street they are deemed criminals.

        When Congress/Corp-America/Wall St. collude to steal money they call it an economical plan. eFFF them all.

        If you are tired than it is time to start voting them out and exposing them of ballot pole rigging.

        Every time I see a GM car on the road, it should boil your blood. How did these crooks bankrupt all their shareholders and why are they allowed to survive as a company. It is a disgrace and if you want JUSTICE you have to demand it obviously the only way to demand is to march as a citizenship on the White House.

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