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  • jforuus jforuus Jun 9, 2014 7:54 PM Flag


    The two tier political system has had its day and it is time to purge it before the ROT grows any further.

    "The middle class is even worse off than the numbers show

    Americans falling behind

    This may help explain why the economy seems to be gaining strength — on paper — yet millions of ordinary people feel like they’re falling behind. Americans’ total net worth, for instance, recently hit a new high of $81.8 trillion, thanks to a five-year stock market rally and the gradual restoration of home equity lost during a six-year housing bust. Yet consumer spending remains tepid, home buyers seem to be hibernating and an alarming portion of adults aren’t even looking for work. Polls show widespread pessimism that’s out of sync with an economy supposedly heading into its fifth year of expansion.

    That could be because Americans are struggling more than the numbers show. The average savings rate, for instance, is about 4%, yet it varies widely by income group. Here’s a breakdown calculated by economists Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman"

    This nation needs a CHANGE.

    We who are desperate have to realize that our votes MUST BE MANIPULATED to maintain them in power. I don't vote for them, do you? The lie to us constantly, do we really know if the ballot poles are not being rigged or manipulated via a virus? Are you monitoring the system and using software?

    Who is? Questions to ask?

    Taking their word for it well ended up costing you many members in your families their LIVES from one simple lie such a cigarettes do not kill !!!

    Those who went to wars cost them their lives 20 years later after that war since the US Government lied to them about Agent Orange.

    We as nation of US Citizens will need to be the check and balances of a nation whose checks and balances are all colluded upon to now steal our money !!

    As nation we should be willing to wipe out everything around us where these monies have been hidden. A SCORCHED EARTH POLICY should be executed by the new regime that

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    • that the US Citizen puts in place next.

      Efff them all, like they Eff';ed us all.

      The truth will eventually make its way out and we should be awarding whistle blowers.

      The DOJ should be its greatest advocates and not just the magistrates of where the most crimes in the US happen. Prisoners incarcerated shouldn't have to worry about their own safety and health by having to become even more ANIMAL like to survive. Use a 10x30 penn to let them be in their own yards. You in the DOJ who have PHD can't come up with a solution or do lesser men like perhaps the US District Attorney not have enough sense or education to implement change to make a difference? He does know their or more rapes going under his watch. Yes we know 90% go un-reported but that DB lives in his own world?

      Where is Congress?
      Where is DOJ?
      Where is the FBI?

      Our nation needs a new regime desperately to refresh our constitution, abolish the laws the current garbage has implemented to maintain power. Everything should be under review and be able to be repealed. "they say we can't? EFF THEM and the laws they put in for themselves to maintain power"

      Mr. President please nail this to the doors of Congress and the doors of Attorney General of the US - Eric Holder and the Monty Wilkinson Director of the Executive Office for United States Attorneys (EOUSA) by Attorney General Holder on March 29, 2014.

      Monty tell your boy Eric to get his shjeeeet together.

      Mr. President, fire they guy if he can't stop rapes in prison since he obviously can't stop the raping of the US Citizen by the Wall St. Crooks, The Congress/Lobbyist cycle.

      We as a nation are reaching our boiling point.

      Please share such topics of conversations at the dinner table. They collude upon the lies and we should collude upon truth.

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      • The only way this DOJ and nation will repeal laws that give these crooks the power to steal from us CARTE BLANCHE is when one man who they will call "a nut" enters their home and pistol whips them during dinner? What if an entire nation enters their homes and pistol whips them? Will they be labled "rebels, revolutionaries,freedom fighters".

        The lines are being drawn and if this DOJ and PATHETIC THIRD BRANCH is not willing to tip the scales of Justice towards the truth well than sometimes a heavy hand not so invisible must be lifted. Will the new avenues of social media be the funnel to bring the truth and justice to the citizens of this nation.

        Is there anger in your heart?
        Do you feel betrayed by the last 40 Congress(s),20 Presidents and the pathetic lawyer ridden THIRD BRANCH?

        It is time to take their faces and stick it into the faces of the mess they have left for us all and grind it iin. This is not how teach a puppy to stop pooping but this will make us all fell much better before we put them in that box 20 at time to euthanize the puppies as it is done currently?

        Have we a nation of citizen let down our children for not fighting harder and smarter against the villans in our political offices? What do you call a Congressman who takes payment in a future date after he leaves office to advance a corporations agenda since this is how the political system is maintained and oiled. We are not stuipid are we? We should be enraged and such conversations should be held at the dinner tables of men like Chris Cristie.

        'Some of those who received the biggest boosts temporarily left state government to work on Christie’s reelection campaign last year, then returned with new titles and higher salaries. A deputy press secretary in the governor’s office who earned $75,000 last year before he left to serve as press secretary for the campaign, for example, now makes $110,000 as a deputy communications director.

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