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  • jforuus jforuus Jun 29, 2014 11:10 AM Flag

    Why the Motely Fool is just a Tool to advance an agenda for these criminals

    They Author such titles "Unfortunate Realities You Should Get Used To" but never utter the reality of the cause and effect...

    1. You will spend your life chasing a net worth number you think you will make you happy, but never get there.

    Response: Many of our net worth was at that point until somehow a company like GM went bankrupt after they were handed more money to loan them out. Not one of their executives was EXECUTED or imprisoned over 20 years for fraud. The GM Brand lives and they have the audactiy to try to sell me their P.O.@# S. product. The UAW has the audactity to say they represent the US Citizenship. Those UAW should have a very long time ago, several decades been whistle blowers when they were installing plastic threads and fasteners to pivot points in chasis such as the hatchback locking mechanism that holds over 300lbs. Did they no? The other 100K instances they should have exposed of their management and BOD cheap tactics to generate money.

    2. A lot of what you know is wrong, incomplete, distorted, and subject to revision

    Response: The current and past Administrations have been corrupt and continue to be so. The US Citizens well being is being sacrificed. We know there were know WMD and many soldiers and families were sacrficed. We know Presidents bomb nations to get their names off the back pages the news papers. Thanks Tool On Boys for telling us we don;t know what we are doing. Obviously since we let career politicians roam the halls of the White House and Congress. We know the FBI has lost its way of being advocates of the US Citizen as opposed to being now an extension of corruption to the men in power. The SEC is a puppet of these men in Congress as well. Men like Eric Snowden are villafied yet are more truthful than our political leaders certainly are. This nation rages for justice. Our national anthem should be now to the US Congress and the other two arms, EFFF U...WE WON'T DO WHAT YOU TELL US...EFFF UUU!!!

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    • 3. People are less impressed by your success than you think

      Most people in the developed world are about as comfortable and safe as they're going to get in their lives. Their incentive to get richer is to impress other people.

      Response: You are an idiot. Most people with children want to make sure they provide for their kids wants, education and future. This political system sends them out to die on scorched earths instead they send a solider to do a bombs job, cost effective. A prosthetic hasn't been introduced in 2014 yet because many members of congress have Defense stocks they want to have further meteoric rise instead of making soldiers as whole as they can. You soldiers are idiots and should stay home and protect your families from the people who STOLE your grandparents golden years, chew on that. Patriotism should only be given to those political agendas that advance our way of life within our borders. Homeland security should be turning on Congress themselves and ripping out the corruption that has manifested itself for over 2 centuries, you tools.

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