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  • jerry062425 jerry062425 Jul 30, 2014 1:17 AM Flag

    The 20% correction is 4 months away, at least.

    The New York composite advance/decline line may have peaked on July 1. That peak, if it is confirmed, presages a corresponding peak in the broad market, which lags behind by anywhere from 4 months to two years, followed by mirror image decline. All the crashes since 1987 have acted according to the NY Composite without exception.

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    • We hope it is more so than an awakening will occur that will finally trigger a political revolution to oust this system that is manifested with corruption at all levels.

      The President is too busy womanizing rather than running a nation? (Wonder how he would feel if the Secret Service started banging his daughters? Just saying.) When he does he signs legislature that allow the US Forces to enter your home without a warrant to seize your property and obtain you into slavery by identifying you as a "resource".

      Congress can't understand they were put in place to govern for the best interest of the US Citzen but how can it if Corp America is who put them in power.

      Judicial Branch is blind to the corruption that is apparent.

      Please share such topics of conversaton at the dinner table.

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      • It is broader and deeper and far more corrupt than your commentary suggests. From WW II to Viet nam to Korea to desert storm to 9/11, all wars are presaged by false flag operations as excuses to start wars. We have an arms industry 10X larger than the entire world's auto industry, and they need to stay in business and deliver profits. They need war to stay in business, but that's only a part of the whole rotten story. It is the military/industrial complex that Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us about.

        Our own CIA is constantly executing plots to overthrow governments, destabilize regions, arm the "other side" with weapons, install puppet rulers, and arrange things to that the illuminati always wins.

        I could go on and on. Suffice it say that it is all done to secure natural resources, profits, and to protect Israel.

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