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  • jforuus jforuus Jul 30, 2014 11:32 PM Flag

    Wall St, can look forward to this if they keep stealing from the US CITIZEN?

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    • Can you imagine the Federal Government sending out forces to keep order (Occupy Wall St.) after the men on Wall St. and Park Avenue have conspired to STEAL ALL OF THAT MONEY FROM THEIR parents, grand parents and children's bank accounts? Are you men in the armed forces now going to be swayed by a few bones you are finally thrown while so many already have died waiting for VA to help them? Now that this administration realizes they are losing your BLIND ALLEGIANCE to them and their own personal agendas? You offer them car insurance after you stole their parents,grand parents and children's futures? Are we that simple?

      If you were the child of a member of Congress you wouldn't have to wait...

      a. because they have already stolen so much via the insider trading clause
      b. because they have stolen so much via the lobbyist-Congress-Corp America marriage
      c. you are a sucker for following the chain of command where at the top P.O.S. are filling their and their families cauldron's
      d. they think they are above the law
      (Nixon, destroying papers in the middle of the night)
      (Reagan, blame the Iran-Contra on OLLIE)
      (Bush, spend trillions so the gang can make money and send in thousands to die)
      (Clinton, bomb buildings to avoid a second impeachment trial and stop any more back page headlines)
      (Bush, spend trillions to for an EGG HUNT of WMD's so the GANG can make money and thousands more can die)
      (Obama- steal whatever we go left?)

      These people look like they have tired of the corrupt policies that have entrapped them. Obviously the advisers to our Government are blind and deaf?

      Come on give us a break...

      They steal our money that we saved.
      They steal our homes that we worked so hard for.
      They steal our pensions and retirment plans that we earned and than hand it over to the crooks of Wall St.?
      The leaders of this nation either need to be AWOKEN or EJECTED OUT OFFICE

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      • This nation may been built for them to harvest, but we need to change that today.

        Else when you send your child out to foreign lands, tell them it is ok child while you protect us the people you leave behind in power are raping us.

        I don't think Wall St. boys realize the money will dry up for them to STEAL when the system gets shut down.

        Lists and names are a funny thing, His name is on your list and your name is on his list?

        You boys better wake up soon before you eFFF up Nirvana even further than you have already and the DRAGON the US CITIZEN awakens seeking JUSTICE.

        Mr. President please nail this to the doors of Congress and the SEC.

        Please share such topics of conversations with others at the dinner table.

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