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  • aud802009 aud802009 Apr 29, 2012 1:38 AM Flag

    heres another reason to sell CHKM

    credit ratings have been cut to BB and the co has been put on credit watch with more downside . all of the longs on this board are a bunch of dreamers who should look at the facts.

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    • Ever look up the word "stereotype"?

      Also, looking at a few of your other posts you spend a lot of time "tooting your own horn" in an attempt to fool others into following your advice. When you aren't doing that, you spend a lot of time stating how stupid everyone else is that posts.

      Before I put you on ignore ,I will say I'm not sure if you are just insecure or a jerk. My guess is both!!!

      Good luck trading and if you truly think "chkm" is such a poor investment why don't you just leave??????????????????????? Do you really think anyone is looking for a finacial genius on the yahoo finance boards? Oh yeah, since everyone else is so stupid you probably do believe that!

    • Distribution just raised by 16% y-o-y.
      Distributions raised by 20% in 5 quarters.
      Solid performance.