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  • charles40 charles40 Apr 24, 2002 6:50 PM Flag

    bid rig? down 40 cents

    i saw the stock down 40 cents which is
    quite a bit for adm. then after the bell
    story about bid rig. well i'd like to know
    what big broker knew about the story? but
    in my opinion----this story of bid rig is
    total bs--and heres why. this company has
    already been found guilty of bid rig about
    10 years ago-they still have feds and sec
    all over their offices---they are under
    such scrutiny--that in my opinion it is
    impossible and implausible for them to be
    involved with any kind of rig scheme again.
    they would have to be out of their minds
    crazy. it took em 10 years to recover from
    the last scandal. and if i recall folks went
    to jail for that one. if this accusation is
    proven true-which i doubt--but if it is
    they are finished.-this company will be
    broken up in to about 20 different ones.
    i hope it is not true. no one can be that

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