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    • The economy of Los Angeles, California has been deeply rooted in crude oil since its discovery there in 1892. This is why I believe that it is imperative for the boys at Stanford to announce the potential health hazards of E85. Since E85 is 15% gasoline, it is possible that the concentrations of toxic components such as benzene, toluene, ethyl-benzene and xylene could be magnified in the presence of an organic solvent like ethanol. Since the E85 mixture can also release the components of peroxyacetyl nitrate, formaldehyde, and acetaldehyde into the air, then why are we mixing gasoline with ethanol in the first place? Let this be a revelation to you that gasoline in any variety of concentration (1 to 100%) is very dangerous to our health. Be reminded that 146 BILLION gallons of gasoline are COMBUSTED every year in the United States. Just think of how long that we have been exposed to these dangerous carcinogens, mutagens, and irritants. Cancers, deformities, skin conditions, and unexplained illnesses can probably be traced to gasoline, yet who will admit it? I believe for the sake of the economy in California, we are presented a hypothetical model that suggests the possible dangers of E85. I am grateful to know that gasoline is the underlying problem in the mixture.

    • Look I can do it too!

      What could be better than a greener fuel that�s cheaper for consumers, that doesn�t feed Mideast terrorism, yet instead fuels rural America?

      He�s talking about a new generation of ethanol� the fuel made from plants. It�s one fuel he says is just around the corner and will deliver 4 to 10 times the energy of today�s corn ethanol. Khosla knows, because he�s talked to top scientists, visited labs and he�s a bio-medical engineer himself. He believes this new ethanol can replace gasoline and eliminate America�s dependence on foreign oil.

      Investment is not going away. I just choose to be with the leader that will benefit the most now while the research moves ahead. Any breakthrough is going to help ADM.

    • I wonder which oil company commissioned this study. Even the L A Times (the ones who published this article) are sceptical of it.

    • There are a lot of alternatives. However, most everyone owns a gas guzzling SUV or truck in CA. Therefore, E10, E20, E30 or even E85 is a very good option instead of gas with MTBE. You have beef go talk to the auto manufacturers.

      I bought an E85 truck and can't wait until Sacramento, CA gets their E85 pump along the I-80 corridor and I-5 corridor.

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