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  • manylumen manylumen May 3, 2009 7:47 AM Flag

    Has anyone came down with that pig virus yet.

    It would seem that thus far this flu is not as lethal as one might expect. while not good to contract it might not spread as easily or be as damaging as some flu can be. I could be wrong but it would seem a virus that starts off in an animal population should have a difficult time making the jump to humans. I think a far greater risk are virus and bacteria that start up in the human population directly with genetics taylor made to humans. I also think that the next major pandemic/epidemic will be something like anti-biotic resistant bacteria like Tuberculosis (TB) that incubates up in the hiv population and then breaks out the the general population. It would make sense that hiv infected people will catch TB more easily, not only because or weakened imune system, but due to life style. In addition life style in many of the hiv population is such that they will not seek treatment or follow treatment to the necessary conclusion and therefore allow anti biotic resistant strains to grow up. It would seem that flu's spike and decline, but a disease like TB stays on long term. I think i read that TB is now a major killer/conclusion for hiv/aids people. Hopefully this swine flu turns out to be mild and short lived. hope you all keep well.

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    • The hog flu does not start in hogs. It is a name given to it during the real pandemic in 1918 50 millions died world wide.

      Seems a bit circumstantial it was declared a pahdemic two week before the House and the Senate will approve Socialized medicine.

      Flu, the regular kind kills about 32,000 Americans a year, and no pandemics. It is a regular deal comes around each Fall and works itself out by Spring.



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