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  • far_root far_root Oct 12, 2009 7:11 AM Flag

    Tax on HFCS coming

    Wow, FOX News talking points...

    Same arguments were made about seat belts in cars. You probably aren't old enough to remember that fact, yet every day you can pick up a paper and read about some teenager who got thrown from the car in an accident and died as a result. Are Car seats for babies another "Big Brother" or as the FOX News crowd calls it, "Nanny State" intrusions?

    Childhood obesity and Diabetes (Type II) are a real and present danger. Wake up.

    Tennessee already has a tax on soda for good reason. In Appalachia, Pepsi pushed Mtn Dew and the result was kids losing all of their adult teeth by age twelve. Pepsi was shamed on national TV in an expose that uncovered this fact. Now they supposedly "Educate" the public about the risks. Pure crap as they are a significant contributor to this new ad campaign.

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    • There are two ways to deal with bad diet choices. The preferred way is education, especially for foods tha are not "bad" in moderation. The second way is by regulation and that should be done for "foods" that are "bad", perhaps trans fats, where there are healthy alternatives. Its just that i have a problem with the state telling me what i can put in my mouth, we already have religious leaders for that. I do agree soda pop should not be sold in shools, but better alternatives offered like fruit and fruit juice etc.

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      • From what I have read about the health bill recently passed in the Senate committee, companies can charge double the premium for overweight enrollees. That ought to give incentive enough for folks to diet and get in shape. It also means that they will voluntarily cut back on sugary foods and drinks. I expect the numbers of lap band surgeries will soar as well. What it also means is that ADM will sell a whole lot less HFCS.

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