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  • dantal2010 dantal2010 May 23, 2011 11:37 AM Flag

    How long will this thing be going on!?

    With market value of just less of 50M$, pps looks too good to be true!

    Amazing actually... where are the buyers! :)

    I cannot buy all the stocks by myself hehe



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    • Don't know...price seems to deviate significantly from underlying value. The latter is there and gets better as they proceed in phase II and perhaps initiate phase I for some other candidates. They currently have sufficient resources to proceed with that and with the excellent results of phase I in mind I will think price will correct in the longer run. Also, have a look at the future incentives for the CEO in the last Q-report on Edgar (those are based on reached marketcap). That should also help move things higher in the future... Anyway, my personal belief is that this stock is worth it, the current dip might continue or get worse for a while, but things will turn around. The start of the downward trend was initiated by the placing agent of the 8.1 M, selling aggresively on 1 day to be sure they secure their money (add some normal+panick selling off to what was given to the placing agents (see Edgar for details) and the extraordinary 400K-plus volume of April 27th becomes understandable). The panick seems to have continued quite a bit, but it seems more a thing of their OB trading board (things just deviate more), the nature of pharma innovators (long time to actually make money tests an investors' confidence) and ample catalysts (only update on long term survival - great and actually significant news, but the fact that great clinical data were already available for a shorter period somewhat prevented it from having its effect on price). We have reached the dilution from the 8.1 M they raised already, so the turning point might actually come soon. So whatever price does on this one, I hold my shares. If it keeps on dropping, I surely start buying more...