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  • bilbungalo bilbungalo Apr 12, 2007 4:00 PM Flag

    I am holding 10,000 shares so don't

    misunderstand me. I want this stock to hit $3.00. I am not a basher maybe just frustrated. This is a tough one to Hold and what did that jack$%^ mean on the call when he said there is incredible selling pressure at $1.15

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    • I was the one who took MS to task, and though it was not the first time, I went after him in earnest due to the continuing excuses being provided regarding the bottom line of UGHO. What you are referring to on the $1.15 is an average sell point for the 20M outstanding warrants on the books. Take the time to read the 10K going back the last four years and you will see what I mean. Those warrants in the .50 brackets are slowing drying up, but there are tons in the .60 - 1.15 range that are going to collectlvely hold the PPS in check for a long time. And don't forget the latest filing to issue another 15 mil. Be curious to see how that breaks out. If Maxim does the deal, they will want their upfront 1.5 mil (10%) cash to underwrite it. Then after handing over the cash, I will bet they will receive 20mil common shares, no clue on restricted shares, and probably 10 mil additonal warrants at 1.15 or there abouts. It's all a big circle.
      If you're interested, I can email you the letter I sent to MS after the CC. Will also attach the Ameritrade account that indicates my shares in UGHO. That bozo shooting his mouth off and posting drivel here has been kicked off RB four times that I am aware of. Jindo, Stockjokerisshort, Retiredat 35, eyeknows etc., is the same flunky. Just yaks his jaw and says nothing. He is so fickle when it comes to this stock. One day it's like the 2nd coming, the next it's junk and he's telling people to sell. NEVER has any facts, just BS and more BS. We have been butting heads for years. He always gives himself away with his kindergarden foul mouth and threats with the boot etc. Just a kid with a big mouth. Nothing to back it up. Probably a liberal Democrat, only child, and never been in the military, and worries about his manhood too much.
      My email: g collins 4 com cast net, add the at, and dot and no spaces.