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  • netprophecy2 netprophecy2 Aug 7, 2007 11:37 PM Flag

    see this shows the problem

    aitrax is still trying to design vehicles. they dont have a vehicle they can sell yet. maybe address the utter and complete failure of the product in the market. do you really need to hire engineers to figure out what is wrong?

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    • there is not a lot of performance data available on the lift. kind of what you would expect from a company not focused on sales.

      i do find it remarkable its holding at these levels. however, when they go for more money they will probably need to finance in the 25 cent range.

    • Although the ability to turn on a dime and move sideways is indeed an excellent improvement on traditional forklifts does anyone know how fast it can travel on it's way from one area in a warehouse to another?
      I ask because in watching traditional forklifts at work they often pick up a pallet and then take off like a bat out of hell off to some other part of a plant etc to deliver/place the pallet.
      On a day to day basis ,a forklift that cannot "sprint " from point A to point B may well be a non-starter from an efficiency point of view.
      Many warehouses require forklifts to cover long distances all day long.

      Any thoughts?

    • it does appear to be a sore spot.

      Wow what are you saying? Everytime you look into this bit of information no-one will talk to you? How are they stonewalling you? What is the mystery here? I am intigued now but still short of time at the moment. You hear anything please do tell. Thanks for the info

    • pmomplaisir1 - sorry havent got back to you. First tim computer is back up- had a crash of sorts been a monster headache to get things up and running - no time to check on all that right now.

    • Perhaps anything a startup co. does should be instantly successful?

      The world is full of companies who struggled for many years. Some make it and some don't, thats just the way it is. Simple enough for you, so whats your problem?

      As a previous posted stated, its about marketing and of course, "capital", of which aitx has very little of at this point in time. At the current price, I'm willing to wait. If its to slow for you, then move on and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

    • WOW...these manipulators kill me...LMAO.

      Every time I push this bit of fact I about Niftylift out I get stonewalled. If you people think I am giving up my position, you got something else coming. I am young with lots of money and time to burn. So waste your time at your own peril, but remember this the longer you wait the older and closer to get to retirement.

      You take it down...I double up
      You bring it up...I sell on your heads
      You move it sideways...I grab a pina colada and do some research

      So take your time

    • Hey Picks,

      Since you are the only sane person in here, answer this.

      I've been trying to make a connection between NiftyLift, a British company, and Universal Equipment (UE) (they showed up in the Breen Consulting P.R.). I found that UE's CEO is Robertson Alistair who happens to be the same person that runs NiftyLift's recent operations in the U.S.

      Since my last inquiry to the Glenn Ellyn Chamber of commerce last month NiftyLift's contact info for the the U.S. operation has changed to somewhere in Greer, SC.

      Let me know what you think.

      UE Contact info per Glenn Ellyn Chamber of Commerce

      Old NiftLift contact page (I look the new cache feature):,+NiftyLift&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=2&gl=us&client=firefox-a

      Google Search

      New NiftyLift info

    • I think you are asking me? This new Yahoo stinks. Ok its not new anynore but it is to me - I severely curtailed my time after the change so it still bothers me. I liked the old thread exchange where it was right there. Either way...

      I never said it was being PREVENTED from going lower. I keep saying if your right (but I dont think you are unless we hear any bad news) then IM going to buy more! In my opinion this is an artificial price set by financing. So its man made. A shelf to put it on. There is NO other criteria out there on this planet or the universe that the masses can use as a guideline or reason for this price level and how it has stayed exactly in this range. Its just a matter of deductive reasoning and lack of other data. Although someone might be....IT is no more preventing it from going lower than it is preventing it from going higher. Its a damn PERCH!!

      I welcome ANY and ALL posters to send my thinking in another direction. I actually want them to. Thats all I got for ya!

    • The benefits of aitx technology are obvisious and is a moot point

      oh please. you are saying the technology is great and many people can use it. yet they have a product and the market has seen it, and clearly declined to buy. in droves.

      sales are not slow, they are non-existant. its a freaking forklift!!! thousands are sold every hour worldwide. just not airtrax. how long has it been around and for sale? two years?

    • ok. lets see if we can straighten out the confusion. why do think warrants prevent the price from falling lower?

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