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  • mylo2006 mylo2006 Aug 9, 2007 11:18 AM Flag

    see this shows the problem

    "the lift, maybe for a few rare indoor environments"

    I dont know where you hang your hat, jungle, desert or non- industrial 3rd world country? (all of course without cement/asphalt etc)

    I dont know about you but I've worked in industry from Silicon Valley to New York. I have seen work platforms working on hard surface base only about 98% of time. Does that qualify for a "few rare indoor invironments"?

    The benefits of aitx technology are obvisious and is a moot point. Now, its all about marketing and convincing buyers you are going to be around for awhile.

    They need to team up with major manufacturer, produce product. I think they have been working on this??

    Its been a very long haul so far but I think it will eventually work out and be profitable for investors. It would be silly to sell at this point anyway, unless you need the loss for taxes.