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  • dijaex101 dijaex101 May 3, 2005 7:31 PM Flag

    unanswered questions

    I am wondering why "heretoquibble" never responded to #92212. Maybe he just forgot. I will repost it here:

    heretoquibble asked:

    "FWIW, how would you feel if Butter and Fish had been slamming you here for years and lying about you with all their aliases? Would you lose patience with all things Brinker when they blame you for anything negative anyone wrote about the man?"

    --I don't know if I understand the question. Are you saying fish and butter blamed YOU for the things Will L., dellaO, basher, pig, bernardo, SteveT, etc. etc., wrote about brinker?

    <<What if you ran a web site and they kept making fake names to join then pumped advertising for your competitor after you asked them to stop?>>

    --How exactly did they "pump advertising" for brinker? Did they post links to his site? Did they write pro-brinker posts? What did they do that was so bad?

    <<Do you think you might transfer some suspicion to anyone who seemed obsessed with defending Brinker such as yourself?>>

    --No, I honestly don't think I would do that. Especially since I was not "obsessed with defending brinker." If I was actually "obsessed" with anything, it was pointing out when people posted anti-brinker propaganda. I seldom even wrote a pro-brinker post; I just didn't like to let spin go unchallenged.

    << Are you really objective or do you just pretend to be?>>

    --I am absolutely objective. That's why I said that seaward guy wasn't kirk; that's why I never defended brinker's character; that's why I never defended brinker's qqq call, or his reaction to it.

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    • f451

      Are you saying there's something wrong with that.

      I said nothing and implied nothing about the practice. I just pointed out that you are a classic example of what Libertypilgim is talking about when he says people here use multiple fake accounts.

    • You've shown that it's plausible, but that's all.

    • II. Non Sequitur. When you've BSed yourself into an indefensible situation, change the topic and do it fast. Do it with insults aimed to make the person in the right seem stupid.

      III. Fake accounts, fake accounts, fake accounts. The importance of using multiple fake accounts cannot be overstated. These can be used for many purposes. You can use them to recommend your own posts, comment on your own posts with "Only a #$%$ would disagree with that," and make the same harrassing comments over and over again by claiming "I'm new here."

    • VI. Never Waver. If you make a false accusation, you can never back down from it. If you are shown to be wrong, just ignore that fact. If your claim is shown in a well-written post to be absolutely unfounded, don't worry. Just wait a couple weeks, and make your accusation again.

      VII. J'accuse. You must maintain a constant stream of accusations. If you call someone else a liar, it might give the appearance that you are not a liar. If you accuse them of using fake accounts, it might take the attention off of the fact that you use fake accounts. If you are caught doing something unethical, you must redouble your efforts, accusing others of the exact thing you were just found to be doing

    • "If you read their posts, they sign them all with their full names on 101."

      I stand corrected with regard to Kirk and Steve. (Folks here will say that I "lied." <G>)

      Will_L, however, did not use his real name on 101, and I only saw DellaO do it once. Initials are not names.

      "You probably missed another post earlier today by buttersfan. GO back of follow these two links:"

      Where is the evidence that it was a lie, and not an error?

    • I think you're wrong. I'm sure "Heretoquibble" has friends.

    • "There are many good reasons to use different names to post with."

      I don't think good reasons are necessary. On the other hand, some people who change their aliases seem to be concerned about others doing it. Human nature, I guess.

      "If a fake name lies about you or someone you respect, then you should not dignify a liar with a reply from a real name."

      I don't think it matters.

      "butter=delllao=libertyPuke=kirk(s)afool=Zn(food)+Ni(kork) person posts lies about others."

      I haven't seen the evidence that Butter uses all those aliases, so I'm skeptical. As for the claim that he has posted lies, there has been so much "crying wolf" around here that I take such claims with a grain of salt.

      "He then announces he puts people on ignore who point out his lies. Thus we make a new name to get past his filter and get his attention. It would not be right for him to not see others pointing out his lies when he reads the forums here."

      Whatever floats your boat. Personally, I see it as a disadvantage to put someone on ignore, because the person he's ignoring still has the opportunity to influence others on the board, as well as lurkers, and he loses the opportunity to refute it.

      "Notice that on 101 Della and Will in the past used their real names to post truthful statements about Bob Brinker until the sickos here made their lives miserable."

      It definitely seems like a loss of perspective to pull stuff like that. However, I never saw Will use his real name on 101, and I only saw Della do it once. ("L" and "O" are not real names.)

      "I think the only ones who still post the truth about Brinker on 101 with their real names are SteveT and KirkL."

      SteveT and KirkL have a rather uneven track record when it comes to posting the truth about Brinker. In any case, "T" and "L" are not real names.

    • you_are_entitled_to_my_opinion you_are_entitled_to_my_opinion May 7, 2005 2:55 PM Flag

      > You are a good, dear friend, but we are going to have to agree to disagree on this subject.


      Can you tell me why? I am always willing to listen. Perhaps you can change my mind.

    • Based on what shows on the several boards you post to, it appears likely that you don't have a single friend.

    • How about the level you've sunk to? Does that not concern you?

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