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  • arctic1101 arctic1101 Aug 21, 2007 6:32 PM Flag

    Open Question;

    Has anyone come up with the reason for the
    price spike of 8/08/07?

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    • No! I have been looking for a reason as well.
      I am nearly 100 percent certain that while there may have been a rumor about the sale of the company, Zafiropoulo (CEO) will never sell the company unless he is forced to. He is totally convinced that LSA will be a big success. My concern is that I think the delay by the logic companies moving to 65nm and 45 nm is giving the competition (RTP and Flash annealing) a chance to improve their product and then might be able to make in-roads at these nodes. My under standing is that all three will be used at 65 and 45nm, but I worry that LSA might get shut out. Apparently, logic companies don't like to change technology. LSA is a completely new technology.

      I have no idea if LSA will be adopted by the industry. I am certain AMAT and others have a good idea as to how well LSA will be recieved by the industry. If they have a favorable opinion on LSA then I could see UTEK eventually selling out. But not for at least another year. Next year is supposed to be the year for 65 and 45nm orders to come in strong. UTEK expects sales of the LSA to pick up at that point. If they don't, perhaps then they would consider the sale of the company. I'm only a shareholder. Though I feel like I really know the company, I have no idea what Zafiropoulo and Bruce Wright (CFO) are thinking. My few conversations with them were strictly about the progress or lack of progress in sales of the LSA product.

      As for the spike in price (sorry, I got off-track), I really have no idea. I did sell a few shares though. I will do some more checking and will post if I find anything. If you are thinking about buying UTEK, have at least a one year horizon.

    • I'm not sure. I've been watching for any 13D or 13G filings and nothing as of today. The volume numbers that traded were mind blowing for this stock. Also, I wish paople posting on this message board would actually talk about Ultratech.

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