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  • honey_booz honey_booz Apr 1, 2013 2:40 PM Flag

    Freedom of Speech


    To: Kirk who wrote (2283) 4/1/2013 12:04:09 PM
    From: Honey_bee of 2288

    Thank you, Kirk. Wish I could have said that as well as you did. :)

    Indeed, Bob (both of them) have used censorship ever since the beginning of the internet message board to silence his critics.


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    • From: Honey_bee: I'm done with this subject and how dare you attack me personally.

      She always says that when she gets caught in her lies...which is almost all the time.

      How dare you attack my lies...I'm done here.

    • From Honey Bee: At that time, I may end up in jail because I will always say that practicing homosexuality is an abomination --

      No word from Kork her organ grinding mentor. He says inverted head and shoulders is a thing of beauty when penetrated from above. Booyah.

    • From Kirk Lindstrom: You have to chuckle too that anyone cares about spelling on free message boards...

      Mr Newsletter writer doesn't care about no spellin'. He just copies it from other places anyway so it's not his fault. If the spelling is correct...he lifted it.

    • Hunee, Kork and Around Zero run toilets and they all play in each other's toilets. They protect each other and are afraid to go to any decent sites because they will be banned. All of them have been kicked out of the Bots site and Dulla was even disinvited to a social event because she's a loudmouth bore.

    • Other than the few stalkers that read everything on Honey's site each and every day who go by such names as Anon or FICA-who seems to always actually have a hissy fit with anyone she does not agree with. These idiots listen to every word of Brinkers taped radio show then rip the posters at the blog for uncovering the lies and truth, whenever his market views do not come to fruition or their political views are not in agreement. They have been doing this for over 10 yrs to protect the washed up charlatan failure. GOOD GRIEF and GAGGAMAGGOT.


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