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  • burnaka Jul 12, 2011 12:29 PM Flag

    Well Clarise, the fuse is short

    Every day is a test of the chart, the only ta that counts is money flow. That is the only ta one needs know. To my knowledge it is the only leading indicator.

    May 2nd range was 3.90-4.12, and a close 3.91. this was followed by a gradual downward move to 3.15. Yesterdays range was, ditto, 3.90-4.12 and a close 4.01. A second close over 4.00 but not near the high of the day.

    The volume for the past 5 of 6 trading sessions has been near or over a million shares, with the daily high near end of day. Yesterday was sort of the first roll over day, and a failure to close near the high, a high that is critical. 4.12 is the high since the secondary offering, and a short term wall.

    The " Silence of the Dr. Frost may turn the shorts into sacrificial Lambs." I thought the amended filing on the 5th of July was why he stopped buying, apparently not. As a former board member of the Amex he knows only too well what would constitute insider trading, his absence is a clue of pending news, and hoping it is not his health!!!!!!!

    The 2nd q mutual fund buys and sells are starting to trickle in and so far there are 3 buys no sells for 250k shares, not a ringing endorsement, but I bet a trend.

    Note the early am drop, then the rise in the price toward the close . The shorts are jumping in early then being forced to cover, the funds are chasing them off. I expect consolidation here, and have no clue what range will ultimately be established.

    Would think 3.88-4.12 is the current range, and we need a close above 4.12 to establish 4.12-4.50.

    I expect news from opko any day now on the purchase of at least one facility to do testing for the AD test kits. I would not want to be short that day, I am thinking an announcement by end of next week.

    Shorts are hoping for a close below 4, which in their minds confirms a failure to break out, it is not. The fuse has been lit, and this will break through 4.12 shortly, it may take the news.

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