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  • mango33333 mango33333 Apr 17, 2012 11:53 AM Flag

    Bouncing Up

    As previously mentioned,it is good to remember that on its previous 'correction' OPK bounced up from its Jun 2011 L, which was almost reaching its EMA20 on the monthly chart.

    During the current April 'correction' the stock is now bouncing up from a point above its monthly EMA20 which remains at 4.16 level. :)

    And as also mentioned, the stock remains on an uptrend on its monthly chart.

    Now will see, if with the help of the general market,the stock is able to continue its present near term UT.
    Provided that BHO,who apparently is increasingly more worried about his re-election, doesn't try too drastic measures trying to influence the economy.
    This morning he is talking about placing more "cops" to watch speculation on the Gas price. :)

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    • Some positive comments in SA about OPKO.

      As expected, they place Rolapitant in first place, since it seems is the IRON in the FIRE, that could be taken out sooner than most people think.

      The stock has kept the intraday support at 4.81
      The nearest resistance is at the 4.90 level, which was my expectations for today.
      But I will keep the BELL READY, in case that heavier volume materializes in the afternoon. :)

    • actually all this week it seems to start out in a slight hole then finish strong the last hour. I'd still look for the 4.90 close... but! I really don't care ... I'm looking for the $7 levels.

    • The stock started trading today to the downside, in spite of the market opening up, and I thought I could pick up a few shares at the $4.78 support level.
      But so far there has been good demand at $4.81
      Of course, there is still plenty of time and things can change. :)

      I was expecting for the stock to close today aroud $4.90
      But will keep the BELL ready, just in case.

    • Well,there was an attempt to retest the 4.78 level, with a down tick of > 70Ks on the one minute chart, bu in spite of other efforts, the stock was able to hold at 4.79 and come back to re-test the H at 4.83
      Nice action.
      Almost like a good welterweight fight.
      And now making an intraday H at 4.84 as I am writing.
      Good to be able to use more than one computer at the time. :)

    • Thanks for refreshing my memory. :)

      In spite of the DOW now down in triple digits, OPK was able to go through the resistance at the $4.78 level.
      But there is still more than an hour left of regular trading.
      Will see if OPK can close above $4.78 and the DOW can come back to the 12070 level.:)

    • Chiliean #1 (Pharma Genexx) was $16M all cash.

      " Pharma Genexx started operations in 2006 and has since enjoyed continued growth in sales and profits. Pharma Genexx had sales of approximately US $11 million in 2008 and approximately US $7.6 million for the first six months of 2009."

      Mexican deal:

      "acquired all of the outstanding stock of Exakta and real property owned by Inmobiliaria for a total aggregate purchase price of $4 million, of which an aggregate of $1.6 million was paid in cash and $2.4 million was paid in shares of OPKO Common Stock"

      Chilean #2:

      Opko Health agreed to acquire a Chilean pharmaceutical company for $4 million in cash.

      The Miami-based drug development and sales company (NYSE: OPK) said it would buy ALS Distribuidra Limitada from current owners Inversiones SVJV Limitada, Inversiones BS Limitada and Inversiones PYTT Limitada.

      ALS makes and distributors products under the Arama name. It is the exclusive distributor of Arama Laboratorios y Compañía Limitada.

      "This acquisition is an excellent strategic fit as Opko expands its sales and distribution capabilities, particularly for its new pharmaceutical and diagnostic products,” Opko Chairman and CEO Dr. Phillip Frost said in a news release.

    • Dorian, you were already told that you had access to a Hedge fund cabal seeking to break the spine of this company. You predicted nothing. You were simply told by short seller hedgies whom you know what they had conspired to do in the dark pool of their trades, you g*d dam POS. In a thinly traded issue with few holders, it is easy to put together a cabal. We all know it is. And you just happen to know ppl in such a cabal you, I repeat, g*d dam POS.

    • dorianpc Apr 17, 2012 3:30 PM Flag

      nice bump today, but you don't want this stopping at 4.68 that would be bad.

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      • Is this another prediction that is not a prediction....unless it somehow comes to which case it IS a prediction and always was a prediction?
        (Kinda like NOK? Kinda like "look out below?")

        Of what? Or not of what, as the case may be.?

        You still haven't answered my query about the meaning of your knock knock joke, and, if I say so myself, I was very complimentary about the general structure of it.

        To paraphrase the learned whomever (will we ever forget ol' what's-his-name?), is there a point to be made lurking in the underbrush of your prose?

        A long time ago, I read something about how to be a stock guru. (Not so coincidentally, it was also about how to be a stock bucket shop.)

        Boiling it down to essentials, one makes a large number of prognostications for events in a somewhat removed timeframe (6 months, maybe more). One makes both bullish and bearish calls about the same stock, index, market, whatever. One counts on the short attention span of the readers, and one reminds them of ONLY the "right" calls.

        Instant acclaim; instant Guru status.

        Until somebody calls one on the wrong calls.

        But, there is the famous (if inappropriately attributed) P.T. Barnum quote. Well, you know what it is.

      • .........................

    • Well, we still have 90 minutes of regular trading left and with volume now at 1.4M the stock is trading at its intraday H !!!

      If it keeps on this pace, I thik I better start getting THE BELL READY. :)

      With the spamers gone or "invisible", thanks to the "ignore" button, and the shorts mute, or too afraid to utter a word, it is turning to be a nice day around here. :)

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      • There is a good amount of resistance from the $4.70 to the $4.75 level.

        That's what made me take some intraday profits, as I will continue to try to bring down my average cost even further.:)

        But the week is still young and although volume has definitely increased, it is still below the volumes around mid-January, which we should see in order to continue this week's momentum and RING the BELL.

        The DOW has been hovering and flickering all day with a 200 points gain, and if the general market can keep its current pace, may be OPK won't need to come out with any news, as the shorts are getting scared, and there are plenty that have borrowed OPK shares. :)

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