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  • dwoods4q dwoods4q Sep 12, 2012 5:37 PM Flag


    Desperate gambler?The man builds companies as witnessed by his past performances. The company is relatively young and attempting to grow with new products, hence startup, etc. The balance sheet will turn as pipeline comes on line. I was merely pointing out a fact regarding the float. I was/am looking at OPK as a speculative investment not as a trade. From your comments you seem very short sighted, perhaps a trader vs investor? Be that as it may, I like the company with a 12-24 month horizon. Stop being so righteous, negative and emotional there two sides to every trade.

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    • OPK does have some very good products in their pipeline. Frost is famous for his ability to turn money into a lot more money. This guy shl+s gold nuggets. He knows what he's doing. If he's investing all this money in this co. you can rest assured it's going up, a lot. He knows a lot more about what's going on with OPK than any of us. He's rarely wrong.

    • dorianpc Sep 14, 2012 10:25 PM Flag

      Sorry if I offended you, evidently you came here seeking approval of *your* opinion. You are entitled to your opinion, but if you reread my post their is nothing emotional or negative about it.
      My comment about being a desperate gambler was directed at you not Frost, because your are just one of many that have predicted a short squeeze that NEVER happens.
      Just because you view this as a startup doesn't make it so.
      You can't count product in the pipeline if they over a year away. - and compare it to the balance sheet that ends in the next quarter.
      You probably think the company's goodwill valuation is fair as well.
      If you are a long term investor, fine! What are you worrying about the float for?
      Your logic sounds like it is based on a seeking alpha article.
      Don't whine at me for calling you out to defend your rediculous assumptions.
      Again, don't feel singled out, I challenge anyone each time they start with the short argument. I have pointed out before , the folley of shorting a sub 5 stock.
      But it is even more dopey to predict a short squeeze on something that has never ever ever never happened.
      Frankley, it shows you are not very thoughtful.
      If you don't mind me asking, can you justify the $8.25 price target that i scoffed at last year?
      Seems to me a lot of people got offended at that too!
      They also got mad at me for calling a 4.25 months ago.
      I may not know a lot, but my track record is documented.
      I have a habit of calling shenanigans when I see it.
      Put me on ignore or get used to it.

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      • You obviously are having a hard time with my original post,which was openended and looking for opinions not approval or a prodiction. Since your responses tend to be childish and emotional I take no offense. I will take your advise and ignore you pending the time YOU post something other than ill founded comments and opinions. If you want to know someones position ask do not make your stupid assumptions, it makes you irrelevent and petty.

        For your info. read how C. Vanderbuilt broke Jay Gould's et al short raid on his Railroad over a century ago. Seems like a lot of similarities with what Frost is doing presently. Would not suprise me if Frost was lending out his shares to shorts, collecting a vig, and consolidating his already enormous control as his products begin entering the market. The second part is my biased opinion.

        I wish you health and happiness.

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