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  • drangles2000 drangles2000 Oct 19, 2012 8:19 AM Flag


    Opk to acquire lab. hope more people short.


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    • [b]$OPK[/b]
      [b][color=green]OPKO Chile[/color][/b]
      OPKO Chile imports, commercializes, and distributes over 100 medical products to private, hospital, and institutional markets in Chile.
      In 2011, OPKO Chile marketed and distributed approximately twenty top-selling products. The company has over 20 years’ experience in the field of pharmaceuticals and distributes a line of products that includes anti-infectives and anti-inflammatories targeted for several areas, including ophthalmology, gynecology, diabetes, and arterial hypertension. OPKO Chile also markets and distributes a line of products for the cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory, and central nervous systems.
      OPKO Chile is also developing a line of pharmaceutical bioequivalents. Three have been certified and six more are under development.

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      • $OPK!!! OPKO Mexico
        OPKO Mexico is a pharmaceutical company engaged in the manufacture, marketing, and distribution of over 25 products, primarily in the generics market in Mexico. It has recently increased its focus on the development of proprietary products as well.
        OPKO Mexico’s product line includes a wide variety of eye drops, including lubricants, antibiotics, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
        In 2011, OPKO Mexico was awarded research grants by Mexico’s national technology and science council totaling over US $1 million.
        Research areas include:
        Cervical cancer vaccine
        Commercial APIs
        Dengue fever
        Human influenza vaccine and other research on influenza
        Line of nutraceuticals and other natural products
        Uterine cancer vaccine
        West Nile virus

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    • $OPK Wow this is Huge!!!
      Opko's next-generation prostate cancer test should reduce unnecessary biopsies by 50%

      Opko just launched its new prostate cancer diagnostic test (called the 4KScore) in Europe and should begin selling in the United States later this year. This test is being launched in the U.S. as a Laboratory Developed Test ("LDT") under FDA guidelines, and no additional FDA approvals are necessary. Once investors realize that Opko will be generating a new revenue stream in a multibillion-dollar market, we could see major share price appreciation.

      Urologists are in a tough position right now because if a patient has a slightly high PSA score (a test for prostate cancer), the urologist is more or less obliged to recommend a biopsy. Prostate biopsies are painful, expensive, and have recently become associated with a fourfold increase in serious infections. The biopsies themselves are costing insurance companies about $2000 per procedure, and if complications develop, and the patient is hospitalized, the costs become staggering.

      But the story gets even worse. Approximately 75% of these biopsies are negative, therefore unnecessary. The PSA test alone is just not accurate enough to consistently predict prostate cancer. Urologists need a better diagnostic tool which Opko is now providing.

      Opko's new diagnostic test gives urologists what they have been looking for, a more accurate tool for predicting prostate cancer. Here's how it works: if a patient has a high PSA score, the doctor will recommend Opko's new test rather than automatically ordering a biopsy. This test consists of four blood-based biomarkers that give the doctor what Opko calls a 4KScore.

      If a patient then has a high 4KScore, the doctor will go ahead and order the biopsy. But if the patient has a low 4KScore, no biopsy will be necessary because there is a 99.4% chance that the patient does not have a dangerous form of prostate cancer. The patient will simply be put on an active surveillance program with regular checkups. In this way, doctors should be able to eliminate at least 50% of the unnecessary biopsies, thus saving insurance companies and patients billions of dollars.

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    • [b]$OPK $4.40 Check out this!!![/b]

      [b]Opko's 4KScore Could Generate Over $1.8 Billion Annually[/b]
      [b][color=blue]October 3, 2012[/color][/b] | 16 comments | about: OPK,
      Disclosure: I am long OPK. (More...)

      I recently began accumulating shares in a promising pharmaceutical and diagnostics company, Opko Health (OPK). Opko's CEO, Pharma guru Dr. Phillip Frost, has been buying large numbers of shares for the past couple of years. Given his remarkable track record, if he is buying shares in his own company, I pay attention.

      I expect a major short squeeze based on near-term catalysts described below. But the short squeeze is just icing on the cake. This company has products that are addressing at least five different billion-dollar markets. I will analyze one of those markets, prostate cancer diagnostics.

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    • looks like buy on rumor, sell on news is effect

    • Pre market at 4.75... Will be fun to watch the shorts today

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    • Frosty loves to buy .... look out RG3, he'll be buying you next! ... go OPK go

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