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  • vix1830 vix1830 Nov 6, 2012 10:24 AM Flag

    Trademark issued for 4KSCORE

    Status changed to publication issue review complete.

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    • Google this video on CNBC "OPKO Health CEO Talks Business" at the 5 minute mark Frost says - "This is a very early 2013 product" , 4KScore is already in Europe, here early 2013. Saving men from painful biopsy, making doctors money, saving insurance company's money.

      Craigbock- Frost is not a hypster he just announces, no warning. Right now I believe Frost is taking full advantage of the Quant short side analysts/traders and buying all the stock he wants cheaply. Which will be eventually at a good many of those shorts expense. Once he's ready, Frost will just announce he is commencing sales and distribution of 4KScore without any fanfare. He's done this kind of thing before. Read the history on Dr Frost and look at the IVAX/TEVA deal.

      Heres' another thought, Since he now controls a majority of the stock and could pay cash for the rest of the outstanding shares and/or secure financing if he hasn't done so already. Let's imagine at any time he offers a $5 for the rest of the outstanding shares. He's got the votes. Then sells the whole company later privately to (fill in the blank) for much more?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Umm, where's the accouncement from the company?? You would think that they would be broadcasting this to whomever has a set of ears!!!

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      • It will be published for opposition on 11/13/12. 30 day hence, if no opposition, it will be granted.

        "Under 15 U.S.C. §1062(a), a trademark or service mark must be published for opposition before it can be registered on the Principal Register. This Publication and [short] time period (30 days) give a way and a time frame to object to the registration. Not just anyone can object/oppose, only any person or entity who believes that he/she/it would be damaged by the registration of the mark and can prove both Standing and Grounds.

        Trademarks are always published on Tuesdays in the Official Gazette for that week. Every Opposition period starts out at 30 days (4 weeks plus two days) and ends on a Thursday. A 30-day extension to file an opposition starts on the Thursday that the Opposition period ends and continues for another 4 weeks plus two days and ends on a Saturday. If there is a sufficient reason, otherwise known as cause, the extension of time can be made for 90 days and the cause must be stated.

        Someone wanting to oppose who misses the opposition period can wait and file a Petition for Cancellation after the mark registers, if it does. Many intent-to-use applications never register because a Statement of Use is never filed. Extensions for Statement of Uses can be filed multiple times (up to two years time) so missing the opposition period can cause a long wait to cancel under some circumstances.

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