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  • troublesacomin troublesacomin Dec 5, 2012 1:50 PM Flag

    If you look at the chart it looks like high frequency trading...

    Im just kidding, stick with opko. it has great possibilities if Frost can stick around to work his magic. it has great support here at the 4.40's 4.30. if the tests they are producing materialize to something, you will have a very nice gain. just relax. i would not have entered the stock if it was nonsense. good luck.

    What i buy? lolololol I dont pump stocks on other boards. But ill let you in on one stock and only one stock Ive been acquiring since i like you. The day I sold my opko holdings I bought IMUC at around 1.70.

    A few months before It had a run up to about $4 off news of its ict 107 vaccine for brain cancer. CNN's sanjay gupta did a huge segment of it and I think cbs did one as well but i have not seen the cbs report. Go find the CNN report on ict 107 on youtube or something. anyway, it fell from $3-4 to $2 because of the company's horrible offering at $2 and change. lololololol AAAAAAAAAAhhhhh so silly. it fell into the 1.60s-1.70s after the offering and thats where I bought in. Anyway the fundamentals are still good. the catch is the earlier test wasnt the most diligent of tests, meaning its wasnt a double blind test, but its latest trial is. the thing is, people that have brain cancer usually live only a year but a lot of patients from that 1st trial are still alive years after. Years!!

    Anyway, thats what I did with my opko gain. i got in at a much lower price but you can still enter it now and make a nice profit if you enter it around $2. i think if this next trial is positive it could go back to 4 or even reach $5 in a year.

    But be warned if the trial isnt good, the company goes into the trash can, because its pipeline of other drugs is based on the technology of ict 107. IMUC's competitor is NWBO who is bringing a brain cancer drug to market but uses a different approach. I would suggest you take a small amount of money and put it in IMUC and hold it for 1 year. Hold it for 1 year. Did I mention hold for 1 year? the cnn report wasnt nonsense. but opko is waaaaay safer as an investment than IMUC, but IMUC can go further than opko if the trials work out. IMUC is up .40-50 cents a share since that posting I made about the Cramer pump and I bailed. you coulda bought it at 1.60 if you asked me what I doing lololololololololol.

    IMUC is in the 2.10s now but it meeting resistance getting into the 2.20's and might go back below $2 here soon. I would tell you to use caution in making an initial purchase. but of course to divide your money into separate purchases. But to be honest if it can hit $4-5, so what's 20-50 cents anyway? Like I said if the trial goes bad this stock is going in the can, but if its good will make shareholders a nice profit. Go checkout the CNN video. But this might go down back to the 1.70s or lower while people await the results. It might not be fun to be a shareholder of IMUC short term but again, there might be a hefty payoff. Again, I'd say to you, keep your nice safe OPKO shares that have nice support here at 4.30s, but take a very small amount and try IMUC and hold for 1 year. Hold for 1 year, no trading IMUC.

    OOK Ok, I was serious for once, good luck. And keep up those great chart reading skills!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lolololololol

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