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  • csaintswin csaintswin Jan 28, 2013 7:32 PM Flag

    Rumors is the correct spelling and, No there are none. yes OPK is at a 12 year high BUT

    it will retrace to $5.90's before going higher on the Cramer Pump and dump...... Yes OPK is a long term hold But when you can make a quick pop on the short end do it Then go long........ JMHO never fall in love TRADE! GLT and Peace.

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    • You are the classic shorty-come-late to the party. But congratulations on being able to spell a big word correctly.

      OTOH, welcome to the club whose august members include the guy who was calling for 3.90. And the guy who was calling for 4.50.

      Now here is an existential quandry for you to ponder: If somebody says there is a rumor of something, is that not a rumor of the thing? If so, how can you say there is no rumor? And if not a rumor, then what is it?

      And finally, you lend no credence to the meme that shorts are better informed than longs. I'll tell you why. You don't know even the most basic history of OPK. If you did, you'd know that OPK didn't exist before 7/2007. Any dolt can look at a chart and see historical data that predates the very existence of a succesor company if that succesor company was created out of a reverse merger. In that regard, you are no better informed than those who look at charts of companies that did reverse stock splits and opine that shares traded,prior to the r/s, at reverse split adjusted prices.

      12 years ago, which would be 2001 or 2000, Dr. Frost was CEO of Ivax. OPK did not exist in any sense of the word (unless it was in Frost's dreams). Frost was CEO of Ivax through the end of 2005. I could tell you about the evolution of this enterprise, but I decliine to do you that favor. Seems to me, you've made your bed; now sleep in it.

      Next time, if there is a next time for the likes of you, do your DD. You could still F up, but at least you wouldn't sound ignorant.

    • Yes you caught that,haha funny,but this is going to be a fun and long term play,enjoy.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Correct - don't fall in love with a trade - so where is your get out point if you are wrong on your shorts at 6.88?

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