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  • nitetradr723 nitetradr723 Feb 1, 2013 6:49 PM Flag

    Often encountered short sellers while building his businesses

    Wonder what happened to them short sellers?

    Today's filed Form 4 represents a likely continuation of a trend that has beneficially carried the share price of a rapidly growing company found in Opko Health. As Frost's latest transaction jumped from a relative purchase price of $5.70 to yesterday's $6.46, it's clear that the continued spike in share price makes no difference to the CEO. Despite having share prices climb nearly 50% in the last 3 months alone, Frost continues to steadily buy large volumes of shares. In doing so, he makes an overt statement that he believes the company remains undervalued even at these levels. In an interview on June 30, 2012 found here, Frost was quoted as saying the following:

    "Other people are investing in [Opko Health] and I want to align myself with them," said Frost in a phone interview last Thursday with Barron's. "Besides which, I think it's a good investment." Frost said that he's often encountered short sellers when building his businesses. Opko's mix of assets may look complicated, he acknowledged. "But I've never been connected with a company that has so many valuable assets as Opko," Frost said.

    Confidence builds confidence, and no clearer is this picture being witnessed than in the case of Opko's stock. It may be hard for conventional investors to watch this stock rise as fast as it has, believe in potential that could very well never be realized, and still wonder if there's more room to go. Yet the fact remains that one of the most visible and trusted indicators of the company's valuation found in Dr. Frost's purchases just began another round of investing. The closed private offering has answered the question of liquidity and the company's products are also beginning to launch around the world. As long as Dr. Frost continues to buy, it would appear that those with a short position can not rest easy.

    Copy and pasted, FWIW...

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    • Frost has joined Gates promising to give away at least a billion dollars. Frost has no children, and in the words of a Frost associate, "so what are you going to do?"

      Point being, Frost is not some billionaire wannabe ceo of some microcap company. When he says "But I've never been connected with a company that has so many valuable assets as Opko," this, it is my belief, is no hype, no BS. He doesn't need to hype or BS; he IS a billionaire.

      And for all the nonsense about how investors are banking so heavily on the "Frost Factor," I say this: If you're not giving it full credit, you are a dolt. If you are shorting OPK, you are either looking for pennies, or you are a dolt.

      On the subject of what happened to the shorts Frost has encountered, I note this: We've heard from a couple of old farts who were in Keys and Ivax and are now in OPK. I don't recall hearing anything from anybody who claims to have shorted Keys or Ivax. Perhaps that answers the question of what happened to them. And it foretells the future of those who are shorting OPK. FWIW.

    • No they can not rest, they are red eyed half their hair pulled out, can't wait to see it gone hahahaha.

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