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  • oechman oechman Feb 2, 2013 12:27 PM Flag

    bank of mellon

    added 3.3 million shares in the 4th Q. only institution to update holdings as of 12/31/12. Inst ownership still listed at only 16%. I assume that number will be up once everyone updates their

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    • Call me crazy, but I have never got a handle on why retail types give a #$%$ about what the geniuses at institutions DID. First of all, most hedge funds have been underperforming the market for a fairly long time. Secondly, the pension fund managers are largely in the toilet. And thirdly, most of the marquee names of banksters are not in jail because the Department of Just Us has been co-opted just like the SEC and FINRA.

      Name me one major bank that has not "settled" charges of money laundering or LIBOR rigging or MBS rigging (aka, robo signing).

      Screw a bunch of that stuff. Look forward; not backwards. Look at what Frost is doing and make your own analysis. I have yet to find somebody who is consistently more right than me (other than the Maestro, of course). Some might agree with my outlook, but most of them are NOT big names.

      There is a reason why we don't have daily updates on short interest. There is a reason why we don't have daily updates on institutional TRADING. Ask a duck hunter what the golden rule is. He'll tell you you don't shoot where the duck shoot where the duck is going to be. You can't possibily know where the duck is going to be if you only have information on where the duck was 15 or 45 days ago. Well, maybe the analogy is flawed, but some people will get the idea....or not. FWIW

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