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  • gst4200 gst4200 Feb 8, 2013 2:19 PM Flag

    Seeking Alpha article was written so they could buy the stock cheaper.

    Complete manipulation. Seeking Alpha wrote that article to intentionally drop the stock price so they could buy shares cheaper. They follow OPK and understand the huge potential and know how high the stock could go. This was their only chance to buy shares cheaper before big news comes out and revenues accelerate. They should be investigated and prosecuted. Frost came out immediately and clarified Opko's position. That's why Frost is such a successful and well respected mentor. That's why smart money follows Frost. But unfortunately dumb money like Seeking Alpha follows him too.

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    • I wonder if the authors (who are minions for the top idiots) realize that local investors are affected by their greed. Do you think the children of damaged investors beat up these idiot#$%$ #$%$ kids?

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      • For gawd's sake wake up children. I'm embarassed for your naivete.
        Let's take baby steps, see if you can possibly keep up.
        1) There is no such thing as a Seeking Alpha position.

        Wellll........then WHO is saying nasty things about OPK?

        2) any twatwaffle who can write a sentence and connect it with one or more sentences in a manner that is grammitcally correct (80% of the time) and syntactically correct (50% of the time)......IOW, anybody who got a passing grade in high school..........can spew their bovine feces on Seeking Alpha.

        3) do any of these people know anything that is not public knowledge? Since I am talking to folks like you, that means are they insiders? Are they BUY SIDE analysts? Are they getting information from the infamous "Expert Networks?"

        4) Do you think they are short the stock? Here's where it gets easy......they SAY they are short the stock. Do you recognize a short talking his book?

        5) It is illegal to publicly say things with the intent to influence the stock price. Well., whoopee dooda. It is illegal to talk on your cell phone while driving. It's illegal to exceed the speed limit. As a matter of fact, it's illegal to do every single thing that people who live in our prisons have done. And, in this country, we have more people in prison per capita than any other "civilized" country in the world. Illegal, schmegal.

        This is not a regulated casino. Seriously speaking, people who are influenced by people who engage in manipulation would be better off going to Vegas where there is some real regulation.

        Either get off your behind and do some work to understand what you are investing in, or watch your chart patterns and indicators and trade your best, or, failing those things, be lunch for the people who rightfully expect you to do yourselves in.

        Frost's open market cost basis (the weighted average of all of the stock he has bougtht strictly on the open market) is 3.13. His cost basis on his overall position is maybe as high as 1.25, probably lower. If he keeps buying as the price goes up, he is averaging UP.

        If one can't get their mind wrapped around that concept, then that one is doomed....and it's a Darwinian thing. Too bad, too sad, but it's the law of the jungle.

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