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  • lilpimpinmf lilpimpinmf Feb 26, 2013 12:44 PM Flag

    Has anyone ever seen any CEO buy like FROST


    is buying? Who wants to speculate why he wants to put so much of his net worth into OPK? Yes, he bought in the $3 and $4 range, but he's still buying all the way up to and including $7.

    Go to youtube and type in Dr. Phillip Frost and see his house on Star Island in Miami. It's the biggest house on the island, and he is one of the richest people in Miami.

    And the shorts are betting again him?

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    • jayfeld Feb 26, 2013 3:05 PM Flag

      Too many of you think the Dr. Frost is doing this for the sole purpose to make himself more money. He does not need anymore. Go and learn what he is all about and you will clearly see that besides a really nice house and some other luxury items he is more of a charitable guy than a lavish spender. He has stated that with no children or others in his immediate family that need money he and his wife will donate a large portion of their wealth to charity. He said he wants to leave a legacy. My guess is he tries to turn this into a billion dollar profit center where he can leave it for the good of the World. And, just maybe, he hopes that when he makes all of us tons of money we will also see the light and donate a little ourselves. And not sure anyone gives this any thought, but we are already donating to his cause by investing alonside him so he can make 15x+ and truly leave his mark. Why else would someone put this much of their own money into a speculative biotech when they could just as easily walk off into the sunset and leave behind a couple billion. Only reason is he wants to leave much more and become one of the most charitable people ever. Remember that when you make a fortune on this stock to give a little away to people who need it. Peace.

    • You know his cost avg has to be under $1 but he buys like an aggressive fund on the open market so charts are not goofed up just bullish. I like it a lot. I remember Teva what a bull.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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