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  • diabolicsaviorx diabolicsaviorx Apr 26, 2013 3:58 PM Flag

    I like Bryan

    The overall sentiment for OPK is overwhelmingly positive from insiders and outsiders alike. All signs both technical and fundamental point toward a strong future for OPK and its brand. Bryan is a lone wolf who is remarkably betting against billionaire who is creating mergers and acquisitions left and right, has innovative products in the pipeline, and pumping hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own hard earned cash into his own company.

    Bryan keeps the board active and reiterates OPK's strength. He bashes the stock, and when asked "Why are you short? Why should we sell?" he has no answer but silence. He makes statements such as "We'll see $5.50 by X date," and X date comes and goes while OPK continues to rally. A strong indicator that his short position is based on nothing other than random guessing or a resentment due to a bad trade which encourages longs into further buying.

    Without Bryan there would be little action on this board other than longs talking about why this is a good stock. That's no fun. Every thesis needs an antithesis. When the antithesis argument is relatively weak it gives further support to the thesis.

    Thank you Bryan for sticking around and going completely against the grain. One day you'll be incredibly broke or incredibly rich! I don't know. But if you you ever do come up with a real valid argument against OPK, me- and many others like me are patiently waiting to hear!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Diabolic--That was good and sounds like from the heart. I got the same bashing when I was on the Enron and WorldCom message boards--and then you know what happened with those. However, on to OPK--buying drug companies that have no proven record and possibly no FDA approval and with unsuccessful attempts previously--which you can read even from SA articles--may prove to be a bust for OPK. I don't think I am going totally alone on this as I have quite a few shorts with me for the ride. Just look at the outstanding short position. Bryan

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      • Constructive reply Bryan. I don't believe you are alone as there is a moderate short interest in the stock, but when it comes to the talk on these boards you are usually the only one on the flip side of the equation.

        You are right- Investing in drug companies is highly speculative. However, that is the same with ANY drug company. Not just OPK. It all rides on speculation.

        But why have you chosen to be short on OPK which has the momentum of mergers, massive insider buys, and drugs that are already showing success overseas? That is the part that I do not understand. Why would you not choose another speculative stock like SVA or CLSN to put your short interest in? OPK has too much upside potential for a risky play like that.

        I would have to disagree with giving weight to anything written on SA or Motley Fool. Most of the posters on SA have no credible authority and nearly all articles are biasly written to support the authors short or long positing. For every negative article there is a positive, and vice versa. You'd be best to ignore them all.

        Please continue to post anything constructive (keyword here is constructive) you have against OPK. I love to hear valid arguments even if they do not fit my best interests. Information is key for all investors.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • burnaka Apr 26, 2013 5:10 PM Flag

        My opinion is, DO NOT read SA articles, the authors have no credibility. Might as well go talk to the clerk at a gas station than read a SA article. In fact the kid at the station, having no position, will give an honest appraisal and not distort to suit their short or long position.

        Bryan one question, how many employees you think opk has??? Keep in mind now, pharma division is global, diagnostics basically US based, and Biopharma global.

        Opk has 3 phase 3, Tesoro ( TSO ) ran 3.22 today, that one will hit market this year.

        The fact opko discontinued one study 4 years ago and your SA hero points to that and says SEE, a failed study. As in baseball you go to the Hall of fame batting 300, failing 70% of the time. Frost became a billionaire batting 750. Better to discontinue a study than let EGO throw good money after bad. OPK only needs one home run, because in biotech it is usually a Grand Slam.

        I do enjoy your tenacity on your short. All the RAH RAH boys make me more nervous than twenty bashers.

      • Bryan
        Any proof that you were on those boards prior to their collapses or do we take your word for it?
        Were insiders buying shares on the open market out of their own pockets prior to those collapses?
        No mention of IVAX and Key Pharma?

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