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  • gjcarlson gjcarlson May 6, 2013 6:31 PM Flag

    Improved earnings is important but outlook will determine the reaction Friday

    More info on 4kscore, sales in Europe, and outlook for next quarter is the thing a spec stock runs on. Eps would be great too.

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    • burnaka May 6, 2013 7:34 PM Flag

      Opk simply files with the sec., no coverage on the likes of cnbc, or big brokers on a conference call, the earnings basically come and go with no fan fare. The likes of SA might pick up on it, or insider monkey, some one is usually there to throw a stone, but by and large earnings has been a non event.

      I highly anticipated EU numbers last Q, they were absorbed on one of the lines, not separated at all. If they give an update on 4k launch I will be surprised, that would be nice though.

      Revenue will be up, a GIVEN, eps. depends if there was large expenses due to 4k build up. Mass. facility on double shift for at least 3 months, sooo, I think near all big ticket machinery was in place, minor ramp up in labor.

      Our lab revenue for first time, 6 weeks Brasil, guessing 1-5 mill revenue growth. The unknown is 4k EU??? No idea. That could be a minor upside surprise if eu is say 4-5 million. If so stock could spike on THAT news, everything else, ho hum.

      If EU is as high as say 5 million, for 10 million revenue growth total that would be in the q/q 60% or slightly higher range. I expect nearer 35-40%.max. If all other expenses stay flat, if they grow revenue 10 million, with about a 35% margin, they could earn a penny, or two. Eps., can be big loss, flat to even positive, no way to know, same next Q. unless they give ultra clear guidance on launch, expense, and preorder numbers, with clear EU numbers, and anticipated US numbers.

      For many reasons Frost says as little as possible.

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