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  • holycowitsterrific holycowitsterrific May 24, 2013 2:54 PM Flag

    Interesting small bite from Minyanville on Dr. Frost and 4K

    Phillip Frost, the CEO and Chairman of multi-national pharmaceutical and diagnostics company OPKO Health (NYSE:OPK), bought 42,300 shares of company stock for $290,910, increasing his total stake to 125,767,248 shares, worth $864,020,993.76 at the stock's current price of $6.87. Frost has purchased company stock almost every day for several years now, and many times, he does this in order to keep the company above water. However, OPKO does have several products in development and trials that are promising: its 4K Prostate Test, which allows doctors to sidestep the once-necessary biopsy in diagnosing prostate cancer, its Point-of-Care Card, which can take a sample of patient's blood and be inserted into a computer where the blood can be instantaneously analyzed, and two drugs that treat Vitamin D deficiency in patients with chronic kidney disease (part of OPKO's acquisition of Cytochroma earlier this year). Moreover, OPKO's acquisition of PROLOR Biotech (NYSEMKT:PBTH) adds potential in the markets for human growth hormone products, clotting products, and diabetes treatment. OPKO's stock price is up 43.04% YTD and up 43.33% since this time last year.

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    • His buying of 40,000 shares did not keep the stock up yesterday. stock trades well over a million shares a day-his buying is not propping it up on a daily basis. dont be a fool like the rest of the idiots on this board and believe some garbage investing site that is just recycling already known information. come on man-wake up! think for yourself

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      • When you;'re right, you're right. Frost buying 42.3K shares on a day that traded 1.569M shares has zero effect on the pps (for one thing, nobody knows what Frost did or didn't do until the next day).

        By logical extension of the "Frost is buying to prop up the stock" argument, if I buy 2700 shares of a stock that trades 100K shares in a day, then I could "prop up the stock." Goofy notion.

      • just sharing with all those interested. I liked what he said about the back loaded pipeline of possibilities and that's what they are plain and simple - period, no other intention was exercised sslim. Just facts on what is in the future if all goes well, don't you think? GL

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