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  • amherstdefender amherstdefender Oct 7, 2013 10:37 AM Flag

    Professor {{{{{SUXXXX}}}}}} is still the same

    Bob Seeger--Still the same

    Professor has lost everyday
    He's shorted Opko and now he's stuck
    He's no damn good
    He's been investing like a schmuck

    Every time he's posted something on this board
    He gets a yawn because he makes us bored
    He has been exposed as a fraud
    His investing style is so flawed
    Professor Suxx account is feeling clawed

    He always says we are heading lower
    professor is so wrong, he'san anguish grower
    When he covers up is just what he'll pay
    He'll be wishing for another day
    and he won't have any say.....

    Yes, he is still the same
    He has been short way too long
    And he has been oh so very wrong
    It is time for the end of this song

    yes he's still the same
    no one else to blame
    a pity and such a shame
    burned out like a flame
    invested like he's lame
    follow him your account you'll maim
    Oh professor suxxx is still the same
    every week he tries a different name
    bankrupt the court will proclaim
    got himself to blame

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