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  • burnaka Oct 12, 2013 1:50 AM Flag

    What gets missed and under reported are the South American Opko owned companies, and the research they

    are doing. Even in the Jefferies presentation, and the current report, the phase 2 studies in Chile, Doxovir for viral conjunctivitis, the aquashunt for glaucoma, go unreported. Fine tech in Israel currently has 8-9 products as another example, but that stable of products is set to more than double to 22.

    The aquashunt and Doxovir are carry overs from when opko was focusing on eye diseases, but it now appears Opko Chile is dusting them off and moving forward with this long delayed research, or so it appears from looking over the Opko Chile website.

    Opko functions as a holding company with their many acquisitions working as independent units and I understand only including the most advanced items in presentations. Still it makes me wonder if there are other phase 1, and phase 2 items out there, or areas of study hidden from view. Like Citicoline, went from promising product in development at Farmadiet in the June 4th presentation straight to approval by August.

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    • rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • excellent summary of Opko's reaching hand. many thanks.............................

    • Thanks Burn. What becomes more and more obvious by the day is that Doctor Frost is setting up an amazing conglomerate of medical technologies at the same time he is using opko as a biotech venture capital fund and it is hard to keep track of all of the amazing opportunities this presents as an OPK shareholder. Thank you for your insight.

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      • burnaka Oct 12, 2013 12:52 PM Flag

        I cannot remember the name but Teva discontinued a relationship with a company in the past 5-6 months, and I believe they supplied Active Pharmaceutical ingredients ( API's ). Opko's Finetec is a manufacturer of API"S, so I was not surprised to see the NEW products list outpacing what they currently sell. Last year according to the annual report Finetec did 7million in sales, 100k of that business was with Teva, no way to know, but last Q, Fine tech revenue grew 2.2 Million from the first Q. So annualized Fine tech's revenue LOOKS to more than double from 7m, to 14m, I am Guessing but Teva likely is now using Finetec for more API's. TEVA not buying OPKO, I DID NOT SAY THAT.

        Last quarter revenue from the license of molecular diagnostics grew 2 million, was this in England? NO it was from our agreement with Pharmsynthez's licenses in RUSSIA. What is impressive is that we entered the deal on April 13th, and by June 30th they generated 2 million in sales. DID opko put out a PR stating 4k now in Russia, SORT of, they mentioned the deal. In the quarterly they showed the revenue, OR SO it appears to me.

        All this info is out there in the 10q, 10k, but who reads them anyway.

        I was anticipating revenue to grow this Q in the 2-3 million range, I am now thinking Russia alone might account for 6-8 million is they took a new product and did 2 million in 8 weeks.

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