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  • craigsa620 craigsa620 Nov 12, 2013 12:12 PM Flag

    earnings report


    If anyone is interested in having a substantial conversation about Opko, I would love to also. I have read the entire report and for a development level company that has not yet brought any substantial products to market, it is quite a remarkable set of financials. Of course there are some worrisome items, but overall this company is set up for a long term build out that could result in a huge payoff for patient investors. So, what am I talking about. Reading all of the notes and line items, this company is very well capitalized, has an unusually large number of different pipeline products, solid low debt balance sheet and a cash position that is supported by growing revenues from the various foreign companies and partners that are already in business with products. The worrisome pieces are the large number of shares issued and the large number of shares still authorized but not issued. Dilution is still a possible problem here, but it is definitely not a huge problem. Also there is the possibility that the pipeline never develops and some or all are not approved. I believe that will not be the case however. The stock will fluctuate as Dr. Frost makes his purchases or stops purchasing. Also any announcements about product launches or approvals will move this precipitously one way or another depending on the nature of the announcement. I believe strongly that we will see significant upside though based on the fact that Dr. Frost would not be putting so much of his fortune into this company if he did not believe that these products will be approved and be useful to the medical world. As I have said previously, this man is securing his legacy with this company and I believe it will be his greatest success. Good Luck to all,except you ridiculous shorts who post ridiculous messages. If you are going to post and be short at least tell us why based on sound finanacial reasons, not just Opko Sucks blah blah and make this board useful.

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