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  • rockvilleguy rockvilleguy Jul 17, 1998 8:43 AM Flag

    Even more info!!

    early indication at 11 1/2. GO EPIX!!

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    • Now that we've gotten our BIG announcement,
      where's the reward for those of us who have hung on until
      now? The preannouncement spike and encouraging opening
      where not followed by further increases, and EPIX has
      remained stagnant. I figure there could be a number of
      explanations, but I'd love some feedback from others with a
      vested interest in EPIX:

      1) Few shareholders
      means few people who actively follow the stock, and
      people aren't clued in to the benefit of

      2) People expected the clinical trials to show
      MS-325 as 100% effective.

      3) The market is
      waiting for news about the use of MS-325 in CAD, which
      appears to be the most significant application of the
      technology and probably its biggest money maker. (Does
      everyone agree with this?)

      4) Most folks just don't
      understand the technology.

      I am staying long on EPIX.
      Had the announcement been followed by a dive, I would
      be convinced there was something about this company
      I didn't understand. I've spoken with radiologists,
      IR at EPIX, and clinicians in other specialties, and
      have remained confident. Plus, the financial aspects
      of EPIX are enticing.

      Earlier on this thread,
      someone said GE was committing to the development of MRI
      for use solely to diagnose CAD. Where can I find a
      reference to this? Has anyone spoken to Mallinckrodt to get
      their opinion of the results?

      Funny how email on
      this thread dies when things are uncertain. I'd love
      to hear what others think,


      • 1 Reply to Immunostocks
      • Immuno,

        You make some excellent points. I
        agree with all except (2). There may have been some
        confusion regarding the merits relative to X-ray, but the
        bottom line is that MS-325 is as effective. Maybe the
        company needs to make this clearer somehow.

        definitely suffered from the "buy on rumor, sell on fact"
        effect on Friday. Short term traders trying to make a
        few quick bucks drove the price down pretty sharply.

        I will have to admit that I expected a little
        better bump up based on the announcement, and I still
        think it might happen. In my opinion, the only thing
        that will cause a significant near term rise is if
        management goes out on a road show to The Street. However,
        they really don't have a need to do that right now.

        Long term, things look like they are progressing well.
        The company looks like they are going to really push
        to complete Phase 3 as soon as possible and get
        MS-325 on the market. That's when we will really be

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