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  • investorgold2002 investorgold2002 May 31, 2003 9:31 PM Flag

    May's 8k will tell it all

    I think May's 8k will reflect very positively about the success of this company's turnaround.

    I will keep this as a long term buy. yep pay just 15% tax when I sell next year in april.

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    • fair enough...

      at times, I do think that it makes sense to analyze the detailed reserves, the earnings per share or the next quarter, and all of the detailed stuff as you were so diligently doing...

      my point was...that right now, at this time, all of that micro stuff doesn't matter for MXT because the macro environment is so positive for MXT...that was my point...i'm all for facts, it's just the difference between the micro facts and macro facts....

    • hey freeman-
      You say:
      "- We can't expect any guidance from the company
      - We may have to deal with a summer slump
      - We can't forget the September and October effect on the stosk market either."

      I say-
      - on what basis do you say, we may have to deal with a summer slump, what the hell kind of analysis is this? is that from your fortune teller or something. we may have to deal with a summer boom?
      - why would we worry about the September and October effect in early June?
      - who cares if the company hasn't given guidance. that doesn't mean that things are improving. the onnly they stopped given guidance is because of the brutal shareholder lawsuits whic have become some prevalent.

      you are dead wrong and so is your green thumbed buddy (botanist)...for long term investors (and short term investors), this is an excellent entry point

    • What makes you think the May report will be so good?

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      • mkt_caster, apparently some Metris dude made some positive comments in some WSJ article on Friday. Didn't get a chance to read it myself, but that might be a reason to be more optimistic on the May 8-k. Also, the 0-30's % had been just above 7% of the total good debt in the portfolio in Jan, March and April. If that rate continues, we will see only roughly $560M in -30 deliquent debt in May. With the drop rate near 50%, the 30-60 debt can also come in under $300M, which would be the first time in a year it has reached such a low level. Also, it wouldn't take much for the 60-90 pile to shrink below $800M. Though as a % of the overall portfolio we might not see a reduction, breaking some of those $100M barrier definitely leaves a positive impression, wouldn't you say?

      • Just saying good to see you back. I as well appreciate your insightful guidance. Thank you very much!