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  • investorgold2002 investorgold2002 Jun 15, 2003 1:17 PM Flag

    Healthsouth, if it does not go Bankrupt

    do you know of any company that had accounting scams and got delisted and relisted?

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    • Not off-hand but there may be some. To be honest, I have not invested in many companies that had accounting scams (for the obvious reasons). This is a relatively new (and very high risk) investing technique for me. I have seen companies go bankrupt, get delisted, and get relisted eventually (but I don't recall any of those being accounting scam related).

      Some accounting scams have actually made me a nice chunk of change. Take CLRO for example - I'm already up nearly 200% on that one. On Friday I took about 40% of my shares off the table which was enough to cover my initial investment plus a little profit. Now I'm sitting on a big lot of shares for free and will most likely hold for at least the 15% long term capital gain tax...There's another example of a company that was delisted due to accounting scams and will most likely be relisted later this year IMHO. This stock almost made it to $3 already even though the financials have not been released.

      It's tough to take financially sound companies like HLSH or CLRO and make a fraud big enough to bankrupt them. It's quite a gamble, but I'm just betting that the *alleged* fraud is not big enough to take them down...