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  • songthan songthan Apr 22, 1999 11:23 PM Flag

    direct merchants credit card bank

    I just want to say I don't like the way this
    company do business at all. I got a credit card from
    Direct Merchants Bank (which is part of them from what I
    understand), On March 99 this year, they decide to increase
    the interest rate from 18.25% to 26.74%. When I call
    to ask what is going on, all I got is this stupid
    " policy.." answer. I guess this is one way for
    them to increase the profit margin!!!

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    • Just thought I might remind you of your prediction.


    • bankone announces credit card problems!!
      Visibility on eps questionable.

      piper jaffray

      krb - neutral from buy
      cof - buy from strong
      pvn - buy from strong buy
      mxt - buy from strong

    • CHARLOTTE, N.C., Aug. 13 (dbusiness) �
      LendingTree signed Metris Companies Inc. to market its
      secured and unsecured Direct Merchants Credit Cards on
      the online loan network. Demand for credit cards has
      sky-rocketed 600 percent to more than 15,000 online
      applications a month since January, LendingTree said.

      �LendingTree has experienced incredible growth in demand for
      credit card products this year,� said Doug Lebda, CEO
      and founder of the company. �Bringing on a top-tier
      issuer like Metris provides us more products to offer
      these customers.�


    • MXT, Fell under 30 today,seems like a good time
      to get in. Mr Z seems to know how to run a credit
      card company. Way undervalued for this high pe market
      of today. In again just under 30 looking to old high
      by end of year based on management

    • With a P/E of 15 and growth of 25-30% it won't
      stay down for long. I look at this as a great buyinh
      oportunity. It did the same thing when it was at $51
      (presplit) and then retreated down to the high thirties.
      Still great growth and good management. Patient
      investors will be rewarded.

    • any guesses?..eom

    • I've owned MXT since the IPO and believe in it
      for the long term. I thought it would see $50 by the
      end of the summer. It may take until year end but I
      do believe it will hit $50 and continue to grow from
      there. MXT is a very profitable company with an
      aggressive management team.

      If I had the cash I would
      have bought more MXT today. Unfortunately I'm heavily
      invested in the internets right now and don't want to take
      the loss. MXT is a better bet for the

      Good luck longs!

    • MXT is being pushed down by the legal issue with
      PVN and the disappointing cellular performance at
      COF. MXT will make over $2.00 per share this year even
      with the 27% dilution from the Thomas Lee investment.
      With the GE Capital portfolio conversion in the second
      half, MXT could grow even faster. With growth in the
      30-40% range for this year and next, trading at a P/E of
      17 is dirt cheap. I bought more of it yesterday.
      It's still really cheap and will be up toward the $50
      area before yearend.

    • Internet service provider, going public. Emsanet
      is a new Internet Service
      Provider. Emsanet
      should be a profitable investment because; Emsanet
      charges $12 a month for service, has zero debt, plans to
      be profitable
      before they go public. Emsanet is
      offering 1,000,000 shares of private
      stock at three
      dollars and fifty cents a share. This is the private
      price. The company plans to go public at the end of the
      year. As with any
      investment this company does
      contain some risk. This is a commission
      transaction, with a minimum investment of $3,500. For more
      information and
      an investor package, contact us at
      1-888-999-8068 or email
      return e-mails please provide your mailing address and
      Serious inquiries only.

    • were sold you dummy as Redd Foxx used to say...

      See you below $30 tomorrow

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