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  • cangelosi_g cangelosi_g May 3, 2011 12:26 PM Flag

    once again..

    Jef lags all the other Investment banks. It should trade independently of the NY.Stock Exc.

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    • Bwaaaaahaaaaahhaaaaaahhaaaaa

    • Thanks for clearing that up for me. However, if you want to get all finicky about proper punctuation, you might want to review your own writings prior to doing so.

      Your Statement from the initial post reads as follows:

      Two years ago someone on this board said wait 2 years and see 50 because of LUKs "monster investment". Now you are saying another 2 years. Seems like a waste of time to me

      Allow me to educate you for a moment.
      When you quote another authors piece of writing, the proper placement of punctuation belongs within the quotation marks, not outside. Also, you should consider placing a period after your last statement, because without such punctuation it is not a sentence.

      That said, nobody will really care if you do or you don't because this is a yahoo message board, not a 4th grade writing assignment. But if you insist on correcting grammar on an INFORMAL message board you should really brush up on the basics. Unless you want to keep looking like a fool.

      In the future, before you decide to correct somebody else, stop and remember that you are an idiot. Remind yourself that when you speak about anything you further demonstrate your idiocy and people laugh at you.

      Also remember that JEF will be trading at 30 by the end of the year.

    • Pretty frustrating. Can't understand why this stock has absolutely no movement, interest or buzz.