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  • cashcrop650billion cashcrop650billion Jul 18, 2011 1:39 PM Flag

    Starting to Worry

    Wow I am really getting scared now. What I need is someone to scare my weak little heart out of this monster position right now so you can all eat my money and rob from me again. Come on guys scare me a little that works every time.

    I am such a weak hand I mean its the pshycology of it right? After all I haven't studied psycological torture or anything so I mean I am obviously a weak investment.

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    • CORRECTION 10000 = 100 PUTS depending on your strike price and since a auto execute is at market price anything can happen making selling and buying impossible to tell. But a put is a sell and call is a buy what else do you want to know other than when it comes time to cover the person that actually has the cash has to honor the the position as a gentlemen and if that means my long position I get grumpy but whatever just means I am more liquid and I am very patient when it comes to covering because I more than anyone understand how mistakes can happen.

      BTW i am nearly insolvent if you buy more puts please stop.... (abject comment)

    • even if you buy a option unfortunately if I hold the position I have to cover it thats what I hate about options lets say I hold 10000 shares of and you sell a put of ylo that means I auto execute 10000 sells of a stock I love because I am the only one that owns it. Thats what I hate about options.

    • This company will soon find out the reality. Intangibles and Goodwill are worthless in a declining business while all of the debt and liabilities are constant and existent. This thing is in negative equity and in denial.

      How can they pay a dividend ? They will print 2$ shares for your DRIP and one month later you sit down on a further 20-50% loss on your dividend... on top of your already 70% loss on principal. Whew, failure is possible even in the most better country in the World and crooks engineering it are paid above 100K per year.

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      • While I understand the fund a mentals the premise is still the same. I understood my risk and reward profile getting in to this when I made the decision. While I can only speak for myself its best this way. That way I don't drag the brokerage down with me in a bad position. My poor taste and large position will have to offset the other positions in this desperate time for YLO.TO , this reminds me of TELUS harping on me to pay some bill over and over and over again willing to just about threaten my every existance over a debt.

        Sad how role reversal never happens for poor old mr.investor. Sure we all know it was her but do we care? No because if we do the same thing it makes us just as bad and then the cycle of pain punishment and despair continues. I can accept 100% loss going into this thing not very many people in life can say that.

        Good Luck everyone.