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  • Vegas_GrandPa Vegas_GrandPa Oct 20, 1999 10:03 AM Flag

    I called the FCC today about the SBC AI

    Just wait.

    First, in about 5 weeks they
    will come out to try to set it up. They will find that
    they have no signal. They won't know what to do, so
    they will call a troubleshooter.

    Second, the
    troubleshooter will respond within 2 weeks. You know there are
    not very many of these guys and they are VERY busy.
    He will come out and tell you that he thinks you are
    OK but you may be over 17k from the switch. But
    first, you have a bridge tap. You can not have a bridge
    tap within 1000 feet of your location or it will not

    Third, within 1 week another telco guy will come out and
    tell you the bridge tap is within 220 feet of your
    office. No problem. He will take care of it. You never
    see him again.

    Fourth, 2 weeks later you call
    SBC to see what is the status. They tell you... yes
    they have all of the notes as to what has happen and
    what was your question? They promise to have someone
    call you with 3 days to discuss YOUR

    But, oh by the way, you are over the 17k limit and you
    will need a line conditioner placed on your line at a
    cost of $900. When would you like this

    They can invest $20 bil, but it will not help if they
    don't figure out how to service the customer.