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  • another_trailer_genius another_trailer_genius Feb 16, 2000 12:54 PM Flag

    BCE buys up Teleglobe & Part of Orbcomm

    Interesting. Their are strong ties between bell canada & SBC and now they will own Vantage Tracking and Vistar. Fallout for Trackware? Thoughts

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    • I also heard there may be loaded unloaded problems with the Vantage units. Any confirmation?

    • spell-check broken

    • I'm glad for everyone's sake that there's no monopoly. There's another cellular carrier named IUSA, too, but I think Telcel is el Honcho del Groncho.

    • I didn't see anything in the press release that
      stated Aeris exclusivity with Telcel, it just happens to
      be the first they are implementing. Many U.S.
      cellular carriers are implementing both Cellemetry and
      MicroBurst, and whoever got in the door first got implemented
      first. So I don't think you can say that Cellemetry will
      not have Mexico coverage at all, just not first.

    • wireless_cti, the word on the street is that the
      VantageTracking ORBCOMM-based trailer tracking solution, which
      QCOM is re-selling to the likes of Schneider, TIP, et.
      al, is indeed having antenna problems; they're
      falling off! Consequently, further installation of
      Vantage units at the big announced contracts has been

    • Telcel, Telmex's cellular subsidiary chose over Cellemetry for providing control channel
      services. Good for Qualcomm's trailer tracking product, bad
      for HighwayMaster and Trackware. I guess that leaves
      Iusa for Cellemetry.

      Didn't someone say SBC
      was going to use their stake in Telmex to help
      HighwayMaster acquire Mexican coverage? I guess it wasn't a
      priority. Extends MicroBurst(TM) Service to
      Mexico's MicroBurst Data Messaging Service Now Extends
      Through North

      America - Canada, U.S. and

      SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb 24 /PRNewswire/ --, the leading provider of short-packet data
      messaging service, today announced an agreement with
      Mexico's nationwide cellular carrier, Telcel, to deploy
      Aeris's MicroBurst(TM) service. MicroBurst technology,
      which uses the control channel of the cellular network,
      enables web-to-wireless connectivity and control of
      intelligent devices. Aeris's footprint now covers all of
      Mexico's cellular service areas, as well as all of Canada
      and the United States.

      "The expansion of
      MicroBurst service into Mexico provides seamless coverage
      for mobile applications, with robust opportunities
      for fixed telemetry service in Mexico," commented
      Dick Gossen, president and chief executive officer of "Companies everywhere are recognizing the
      benefits of machine-to-machine communications. By
      partnering with Telcel, makes communicating with
      intelligent devices a simple and inexpensive messaging
      solution at the lowest possible cost."

      with major carriers across North America, including
      Bell Atlantic, Ameritech, AirTouch, Rogers AT&T, GTE
      and now Telcel, MicroBurst service utilizes the
      cellular telephone networks with the highest quality
      service and network reliability.

      "The decision to
      partner with Aeris was made easy by Aeris's high standard
      for enabling low-cost and reliable messaging
      service," stated Telcel's Operation's Director, Luis Cosio
      Prior. "Mexican and American companies in industries
      such as alarm and security, utility meter reading and
      asset tracking have been looking forward to the
      competitive advantages and vast service area coverage. "Aeris
      'best of breed' application developers include ADEMCO,
      the world's largest security equipment manufacturer,
      QUALCOMM's Wireless Business Solutions, the leader in
      commercial vehicle tracking and monitoring, and ABB Metering
      Systems, the world's largest manufacturer of solid state
      utility meters. In addition, there are more than 100
      applications commercially available or in development today.

    • Thanks for the guidance!

    • I believe you meant "You're an idiot", not "Your an idiot".

    • Your an Idiot!!

    • We are considering purchasing another system that
      I won't name here (it isn't qualcomm or
      highwaymaster) for our fleet, and I had heard that Wal-Mart
      might switch to this system. We have a lot of
      warehouses and want to see what other similar operations are

      I apologize for posting on this board. I will try
      to get a hold of somone at Wal-Mart directly.

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