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  • shoogashoat shoogashoat Sep 10, 2007 2:02 PM Flag

    Attention ECOL case you missed it

    Which I'm sure many of you all did,

    copy and paste in case the link doesn't work. Its a new remediation company. Who knows, might make a nice acquisition for ECOL. Cool concept in any case.

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    • In-situ treatment using a wide away of surfactants has been around for a number of years. It is a useful technique, but also has its limitations. It's also not realy anything new. I think that if ECOL wanted to be in the in-situ treatment market, then they would have entered it quite a while ago.

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      • Maybe they haven't been in the in-situ market because they know its been in-effective up until now. Any strong mangement team with foresight will see opportunities to expand their product line and services. Here is a good quick example...GE didn't stick to just making household appliances. Google is far more than the original search engine... I could go on and on with examples.

      • True, in-situ has been around for a number of years...a number of years where there has been no effective way to remediate up until now. The list of reasons why it has been ineffective is a long one. Verutek has overcome all of the limitations in an environmetally sensitive way. You can make the case for just about every new technology spanning every industry that there were always predecessor's to that technology that had limitations. Just because in-situ has been around doesn't mean its effective. I encourage you to educate yourself on the process and understand why, up until now, in-situ technology has been a joke. Being quite knowledgeable on the subject, I jumped at the opportunity to invest in Verutek. They've proven their technology works...far better than was expected. The only question with this company is their ability to execute business sales and educate businesses on why prior technologies are worthless and dig and haul is way too expensive. This company has vast potential and could be a $20 stock in a couple of years. I don't see it going much lower than the $2-$3 range

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